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Finding The Strength To Compete – Ms Greater Western Bikini 2018

Competition isn’t the hardest thing, what truly is hard is prep time, that involves waking up everyday to train with diligence and consistency. It’s hard to maintain a clean diet on a day to day basis with the normalcy of life around you. What is even harder is finding that strength from within that lives you unsettled till a workout is not only done but well executed .

© Francis Njegah

Truth is prepping for any competition always gets super hard for me with new challenges every prep but the usual is the financial implications as well as the emotional and psychological preparations needed to be at per with the package to be brought on stage which needs to be nothing short of well conditioned body physique .
My energy levels at the beginning of the year was nowhere prepared for what was needed of me due to the fact that I was stressed , restless and having countless days of super low energy levels.

While trying to get that balance I fell ill with Chikungunya ( new malaria strain in Mombasa) I didn’t know that implications of this until a week later after feeling better when I resumed training and things were just not going in the right direction. My body wasn’t responding to the exercises , food and just about everything. Chikungunya affects your joints ,body strength, stamina and appetite within that one week I not only lost weight 5 kgs down to he exact but also my strength and stamina was a complete zero.
I went back to zero weights and absolutely one hour training or less than an hour. Three weeks later after recovery I fell ill again this time a triple of three things chikungunya, viral flu and bacterial infection in the blood . With this in mind I had totally lost it, I was unmotivated and u felt super dejected .

Took three weeks off with competition date getting near I resumed my workout with less than 3 weeks away to D – Day. I started taking protein and vitamin supplements to assist my body in recovery as well as maintaining optimum levels on my meals and training.
I went to Kisumu unsure of myself in fact to be sincere I almost backed out feeling that I wasn’t ready enough but the love of the game is what kept my heart beating reminding myself of that one time being on stage while unwell.

Sharing the stage with amazing souls that made that night in Kisumu worthwhile and we sure did have fun.
When my tag number was called as the winner I completely wasn’t ready I walked backwards stage with tears in my eyes. I just couldn’t believe that despite the so many upsetting episodes of events during my prep time didn’t deter me.

Changing perception, pushing limits and not comparing myself to anyone but getting motivation from other athletes competitive journey. I am thankful and great full to my supportive system that pushes and believe in me with so much excitement and anticipation both in the gym and outside gym.
Back to the drawing board as I prepare for MS Kenya bikini 2018 September in Nairobi Louis Leakey Auditorium purpose to attend.

Photography & Concept by Stevenchy.
Wardrobe : Models Own .

Nails By Wanja

Location : Divine Fitness Gym Mtwapa.

Juju Make Up.

Spreading contagious confidence and self love.

Be confident Be you Flônt it.

Love 😘.

Miss Flônt it.

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“The minute you start looking at others as competition you’ll lose yourself “.



Body Shame Needs To Stop , every BODY is Beautiful.

Being skinny has to be one of the most awkward moments , more than an in between feeling for one you’ll be the center of all fun uncalled for comments and jokes others leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Two you’ll be someone’s else body goals and lastly there is no actually reason for this am just placing an unknown feeling in this last one.

It’s really is heart breaking to see in this day, age and era some people still choose to body shame others. What’s even more heart breaking is women who choose to do that to other women.

This leaves me super perplexed and I question did any of us requisition to be born the way we are now? There is nothing in this world that can tear another soul like a woman full of bitter spew and venom spitting the same onto other females.

Of what value do we add upon ourselves when we spit such utter shame on others ? We need to look at ourselves and question this things we allow on a daily basis eventually they’ll become the norm and you begin to wonder we are headed to.

Do not allow anyone to body shame you, do not let it get into your head.. Whether full figured or slender let the decision to make that change come from you if you’ll lose weight or add weight. For as long as you are okay with who you are do not let anyone be your validation point rock your body.

The Best attire one can ever dress themselves with is confidence, self esteem and self worth. No amount of money can buy this, it’s not for sale and it’s free and it’s upon each and all of us to cultivate it, groom it and grow.

A Daily Dose of self validation and self approval that indeed regardless of what the world throws at you, no matter where you are, that you are beautiful, Worthy and awesome in all glory . Glam Yourself with Confidence, Self Esteem and self worth.

Truth of the matter is when you body shame any woman you stripe yourself off all the goodness in you as a person and all the negative that you spew reflects itself on you.

Photography by Sami Khan

Wardrobe : Models Own Aside from the Black Leather Jacket ( gifted).

Sunglasses : Gifted “Funky Glasses ”

Shoes By Sonia Collections Mtwapa.

Nails By Wanja

African Bracelets By Costa.

Location : Sami Khan Studio Surroundings.

Be Confident, Be You .

Miss Flônt It.

“Real women are fat. And thin. And both, and neither, and otherwise.”- Hanne Blank. “

Flawed Imperfections – Loving Your Body Folds

Body confidence is wearing my flaws with pride knowing deep down I am but a mare mortal and that I never signed a contract anywhere as to how I want to be neither how each of my body parts should be.

I found myself just the way I am and due to some life’s tragedy some parts got malfunctioned not literally 😂 ,an accident happened either of my own happening (playing as kids broke my one front tooth story for another day) or unavoidable circumstances. (slid and fell down breaking another front tooth 😥).

One of the main thing I can’t stop my body is from its natural folds when I sit move or even just do the simplest of anything. No matter how trained you are as an instructor or fitness trainer you can’t stop the natural folds of the body.

I have learnt to differentiate the natural body folds and my expectations towards my body. My stomach is different when I stand and when I sit is just but one example .As one works out towards their body goal it’s always important to keep in mind what ideal is and what your body can actually achieve on a healthy regime.

I also keep in mind of how different our bodies are in regards to body type, size, shape our genes and race just to mention. At one point in life I was super uncomfortable with just any folds in my body and every opportunity or chance if had given I would have made an unwise decision of getting rid of something that I had actually thought was a bother and uncool.

Every single day I make a conscience decision to love every inch of by body all in its flaws and imperfections as much as I work out, take care of it and eat healthy.

There is no specific example of perfection or the ideal body that every female should be, but every female should aspire and want to be wholesome in just who they are as they work towards loving themselves wholly and fully with a commitment to be a better person first and foremost to the self and then other women and everyone around them.

Photography by Francis Njengah

Bikini : Forever Trendy

Shoes By Sonia Collections Mtwapa.

Nails By Wanja

Be Confident, Be You

Love 😘.

Miss Flônt It.

“You are imperfect , permanently and inevitably flawed
Amy Bloom

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