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Bare Face Beauty

Have you ever looked at yourself at how a work of art you are, in every way , every angle , every minute of your life? And have you ever thought about all that being captured in form of a picture or a video no prior pretty like make up or anything just you , your face and your whole being !

A bit scary at this point right ?.We all wanna look dope and all ready at all times with the current trends .
Looking back at all this and I can’t help but feel how far I have come , still not in any way perfect a daily dose of work input with all honesty is all I am daily doing .

I admit though I am happier with myself and every feel in my bone towards the person I am becoming is doing a happy happy joy joy dance 😄.
I used to think that for every picture a form of perfection had to be in place , make up ,dress up , heels and accessories which by the way I am head over heals in love but also the flip side not dressing up at all just taking the feels that come in and boom am out of the house.

Sometimes I just get lazy to do all the make up process 😂, and other times a girl wants to dress up and doll up , it all boils down to my moods and what am down for. Personally dolling up sometimes means I have to ditch my glass and get my prescribed lenses which is a huge process for my very sensitive eyes and when am too tired all that process gets thrown out of the window . I settle for moisturizer , toner and my powder with a little lip gloss or nude lipstick we hit the road.

I can’t really recall what inspired my outfit for this particular day all I wanted was to be warm , comfortable and able to manoeuvre the busy Nairobi streets . I was meeting up with a photographer Sami Khan and later one of my girlfriends my boothang . Randomly this photos were taken and I remember in my head feeling all inadequate , not ready , not sexy enough name it all . Years later when I look back at this day I cant help but smile and see my fresh face smile and the happiness in my eyes. Sometimes we just don’t know how beautiful we are .

We are beautiful and we need everyday to let ourselves know that from deep within to our outer selves.
And the best progress so far for me has been embracing my oily skin while managing the day to day routine with its occasional breakouts. With all that in mind I love my everyday bare face and whenever am in the mood to doll up I go wild on it .
I love how far I have come and every ooze in my aura shows it 😄😃😊.

You go girl 😄😘 , I am just here to remind the YOU , how Beautiful you are , Know it Own It.

Be Confident, Be You

Love 😘

Miss Flônt It.

© 2017 Sami Khan Photography

Wardrobe : Models Own Aside from the Black Leather Jacket ( gifted).

Sunglasses : Gifted “Funky Glasses ”

Shoes By Sonia Collections Mtwapa.

Nails By Wanja

African Bracelets By Costa.

Location : Sami Khan Studio Surroundings.

“Be the greatest versions of yourself to the point it becomes the standard everyone aspires to be”
Michelle Atoti

Michelle Atoti

Take Up Space – Own Your Boldness

Its been a long time forthcoming to be exact 3 months almost heading to the 4th month that I haven’t blogged and updated my confidence journey.
The only update was my blonde hair color is back as a post , am super excited and as per what I promised am gonna give an account which will rush as back to 2017 as to why I shaved my hair and dyed it black.
2017 had me up against the wall literally choked up, it was a period so dark that got me depressed for a while as I dragged my self up everyday going by life.

After the unfortunate turn of events and leaving Fiti Sana Life and its sudden changes got me back to a whole new space in my life working as an animator in Flamingo which is now Flamingo by Pride inn (I had to learn to swim by force ). That contract ended as well which I had hoped would be renewed but never happened and in the rush to try to get a stable income with jobs that accepted my bold blonde look not forthcoming I was drowned in whether to lose myself to get a better income or keeping myself and just hustle. Having bills to pay and after sending a million and one CVS to every place that I could think of I just went blank, mute and silent for days in my thoughts.
With all this in mind I had just finished competing in Ms Kenya 2018, and I was also to maintain my physique in all this situation which wasn’t that easy . At that particular moment I was super self aware of my body and scared that my hard earned input would go to waste.

Then I remembered I was off season and it was okay to not look so leaned out or lay mans language to have full abs at that moment , everyday is a learning process what I managed to get due to limited resources I consumed. I remember that particular moment in Diani with two of my awesome peps, I was just alone early in the moment I was so scared as the reality of having no work and nothing forthcoming all rushed in my mind at once I broke down had a long extended cry , ever cried till you literally hugged yourself , yes that cry.

When I got back to Mombasa I immediately went and shaved my hair and dyed it black , and that moment I just wanted a fresh start My natural hair is dirty earthy brown which comes off as dirty literally . Deeply I knew I shaved all in the hope of not being too bold or too wild or taking bikini photos just to be normal to get myself a job . It was frustrating not to know how to suppress yourself coz the world says you’ll be better at a lesser version of you.
The job search wasn’t yielding anything , and I was getting tired, frustrated and anxious, that I stopped applying .
I went back to Mombasa , started my own Pt ( Personal Training ) work and dance which isn’t easy up to date. There were days I felt Inadequate , anxious , scared and out of place I just had to give myself kindness and patience pep talk.

I stayed with my black short hair until it started growing as I worked through my feels to find myself again and to find my ground .Each day was and is still is a learning process, I had to admit to myself that getting a job that suppressed my being would be immediately canceled out of my way and I will not fall into the pressure of reducing myself in order to fit in a certain box . In fact anything that wants to fit me in a labelled box was and is cancelled .At that moment I realized how human in every sense it is to fall short of yourself, to be scared and to feel cornered by life and expectations that most at times are unrealistic or unsustainable.

And that I had to look in myself put in the work , be aware of myself and be okay with who I am , as a person working hard and smart to improve grow unlearn all cycles that are exhausting in order to become an extra ordinary person , be at peace with my boldness , my aura my kindness and contagious smile .

Get out of my own way, always never be afraid to add an extra dose of your awesomeness , boldness and slay 💞💥💣.

Photography : Francis Njegah
Wardrobe : Models Own .

Nails By Wanja

Location : 2547 Cottages Diani.

Juju Make Up.

Spreading contagious confidence and self love.

Be confident Be you Flônt it.

Love 😘

Miss Flônt It .

“Get over yourself , don’t over think it .Get yourself out chick ; get out of your own way and be alive ”

Njeri Gakuo Remembering James R Quest.

Reflecting on Ms Kenya Bikini 2018

Every phase of every prep carries its own fears, insecurities ,doubts and just a level of anxiety that just left my stomach with a huge pit of hollowness that had no end. Prepping for Ms Kenya Bikini 2018 was just on another level for me ,my body and my third inner self. I have been looking for the right words to fit into this moments I figured later on ,no amount of time would help but just to ease into the very moment and just flow with it.

After winning Ms Greater Western Bikini 2018 , my body was still not receptive and I needed to give it time to come around .There were so many times during prep when I almost pulled the plug and just quit .Every single day I literally had to pull myself out of bed to the gym for my sessions.

Impossible came through but then again I sat myself down & went through the feels “Do it all from your heart or not at all”. I felt every sense of love and understanding from me to me and I admit this is something I have grown to love and care deeply about as it has totally taken my body relationship to a whole new level but more so within myself.

My prep coach Maureen was impeccable , amazing , understanding and most of all supportive in every capacity. She took in the nerves with me every step of the way even when I almost drowned in the waters literally. My inner circle , my tribes people who were unmoved working all around the clock financially ,physically , spiritually ,emotionally and heart wise . I don’t take it for granted from my heart to yours I love you so much.

(Music Burna Boy Gbano)

I would like to extend a special shout out to Body Supplements Kenya , thank you the BPI Glutamine is exceptional. Also Blade Marshall for the emergency whey protein isolate which was bomb and top notch.

IG @gifted_generationironke

Second place wasn’t bad , personally getting the opportunity and seeing my improved package on stage with the presence of people I love that was the was the greatest win for me. Onto the next stage terrifying yet achievable. If I was to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing every bit of that moment on stage and off stage gave me mind blowing perspective that indeed confidence is beautiful but most importantly believing and pushing beyond your limits .

Congratulations to Ms Kenya Bikini 2018 Mikhala Barasa.

Photography : Charles Owala

Bikini : Ravish Sand

Nails By Wanja

Make Up : Lilian

Spreading contagious confidence and self love.

Be confident Be you Flônt it.

Love 😘

Miss Flônt it.

“She Who Dares Wins “.


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