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Reflecting on Ms Kenya Bikini 2018

Every phase of every prep carries its own fears, insecurities ,doubts and just a level of anxiety that just left my stomach with a huge pit of hollowness that had no end. Prepping for Ms Kenya Bikini 2018 was just on another level for me ,my body and my third inner self. I have been looking for the right words to fit into this moments I figured later on ,no amount of time would help but just to ease into the very moment and just flow with it.

After winning Ms Greater Western Bikini 2018 , my body was still not receptive and I needed to give it time to come around .There were so many times during prep when I almost pulled the plug and just quit .Every single day I literally had to pull myself out of bed to the gym for my sessions.

Impossible came through but then again I sat myself down & went through the feels “Do it all from your heart or not at all”. I felt every sense of love and understanding from me to me and I admit this is something I have grown to love and care deeply about as it has totally taken my body relationship to a whole new level but more so within myself.

My prep coach Maureen was impeccable , amazing , understanding and most of all supportive in every capacity. She took in the nerves with me every step of the way even when I almost drowned in the waters literally. My inner circle , my tribes people who were unmoved working all around the clock financially ,physically , spiritually ,emotionally and heart wise . I don’t take it for granted from my heart to yours I love you so much.

(Music Burna Boy Gbano)

I would like to extend a special shout out to Body Supplements Kenya , thank you the BPI Glutamine is exceptional. Also Blade Marshall for the emergency whey protein isolate which was bomb and top notch.

IG @gifted_generationironke

Second place wasn’t bad , personally getting the opportunity and seeing my improved package on stage with the presence of people I love that was the was the greatest win for me. Onto the next stage terrifying yet achievable. If I was to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing every bit of that moment on stage and off stage gave me mind blowing perspective that indeed confidence is beautiful but most importantly believing and pushing beyond your limits .

Congratulations to Ms Kenya Bikini 2018 Mikhala Barasa.

Photography : Charles Owala

Bikini : Ravish Sand

Nails By Wanja

Make Up : Lilian

Spreading contagious confidence and self love.

Be confident Be you Flônt it.

Love 😘

Miss Flônt it.

“She Who Dares Wins “.



Facing Your Own Fears

When I was young ‘Duff Mpararo ‘ was an everyday norm and happiness was surrounded on this childhood activity . In the river mostly during the low rainy season when the water levels were low. My relationship with water had always been steady and flowing . That came to a halt on one normal day , the usual ‘Duff Mpararo ‘, turned into a matter of life and death.

On this particular day I decided to be more of a daredevil having had jumped from all the notable places I spotted a new place where I had noticed none of the younger kids wanted to try out. Everyone was having fun without second thoughts I jumped into the water and to my shocked instead of coming back up I got pulled down even more with the swirling of water underneath me .

That had to be the longest time I had stayed under water and everyone else was excited . I must have really struggled in the water by the time I was pulled out of the water by one of my elder cousins I had sworn never again to get in contact with water. The other younger kids must have noticed I was wasn’t coming back up and they called for help.

Fast forward to now , my relationship with water changed a lot . Large endless mass of water is super scary for me, swimming pool is a bit friendlier but I always have that fear in me that I might drown even in the shallow end where I can walk. I know sounds silly but the anxiety pang that I get from the thought is enough to just make me walk out of the pool or near larger water mass.

When I first came to Mombasa I couldn’t allow the water to touch even the tip of my toes for fear I might drown. Life and it’s endless surprises forced me to literally look at my fear straight in the eyes. A new job that I had just landed early last year forced me to learn how to swim, and the person who was given that mandate sucked at it in the sense that the first day He just threw me into the water that gave me anxiety pangs I couldn’t have none of it.

I had to look for a different person who God bless his soul, was truly patient, understanding and gave me all the insights in not only swimming but facing my water phobia at least for the pool. It took me months to just put my fear at bay for a while. I must admit. I now know how to float I can move on water but am still not that confident and once in a while my fear crops in so we’re still at baby steps.

As for the ocean we’re facing it one day at a time jet skiing . I just have to laugh at myself because the thoughts that goes in my head while doing that only God knows. The longest I have ever been in the ocean while jet skiing is 20 minutes by the time I was done it almost felt like an eternity. I didn’t go alone I was guarded by one of the instructors.

Sarova Whitesand © Nakuti Photography.

Facing your fears is a journey that has to start and it’s a whole new level of owning up your fear and just changing the narrative into a positive feel. For sure I know it wasn’t be easy but in the end it will be worth every single try. It’s my hope that by the end of the year I would have made that significant progress 🏊.



Photography : Francis Njegah
Wardrobe : Models Own .

Nails By Wanja

Location : 2547 Cottages Diani.

Juju Make Up.

Spreading contagious confidence and self love.

Be confident Be you Flônt it.

Love 😘

Miss Flônt it.

Fear will always be around to tell you what you can’t do—it’s up to you to face your fears, and tell yourself that you can.

Finding The Strength To Compete – Ms Greater Western Bikini 2018

Competition isn’t the hardest thing, what truly is hard is prep time, that involves waking up everyday to train with diligence and consistency. It’s hard to maintain a clean diet on a day to day basis with the normalcy of life around you. What is even harder is finding that strength from within that lives you unsettled till a workout is not only done but well executed .

© Francis Njegah

Truth is prepping for any competition always gets super hard for me with new challenges every prep but the usual is the financial implications as well as the emotional and psychological preparations needed to be at per with the package to be brought on stage which needs to be nothing short of well conditioned body physique .
My energy levels at the beginning of the year was nowhere prepared for what was needed of me due to the fact that I was stressed , restless and having countless days of super low energy levels.

While trying to get that balance I fell ill with Chikungunya ( new malaria strain in Mombasa) I didn’t know that implications of this until a week later after feeling better when I resumed training and things were just not going in the right direction. My body wasn’t responding to the exercises , food and just about everything. Chikungunya affects your joints ,body strength, stamina and appetite within that one week I not only lost weight 5 kgs down to he exact but also my strength and stamina was a complete zero.
I went back to zero weights and absolutely one hour training or less than an hour. Three weeks later after recovery I fell ill again this time a triple of three things chikungunya, viral flu and bacterial infection in the blood . With this in mind I had totally lost it, I was unmotivated and u felt super dejected .

Took three weeks off with competition date getting near I resumed my workout with less than 3 weeks away to D – Day. I started taking protein and vitamin supplements to assist my body in recovery as well as maintaining optimum levels on my meals and training.
I went to Kisumu unsure of myself in fact to be sincere I almost backed out feeling that I wasn’t ready enough but the love of the game is what kept my heart beating reminding myself of that one time being on stage while unwell.

Sharing the stage with amazing souls that made that night in Kisumu worthwhile and we sure did have fun.
When my tag number was called as the winner I completely wasn’t ready I walked backwards stage with tears in my eyes. I just couldn’t believe that despite the so many upsetting episodes of events during my prep time didn’t deter me.

Changing perception, pushing limits and not comparing myself to anyone but getting motivation from other athletes competitive journey. I am thankful and great full to my supportive system that pushes and believe in me with so much excitement and anticipation both in the gym and outside gym.
Back to the drawing board as I prepare for MS Kenya bikini 2018 September in Nairobi Louis Leakey Auditorium purpose to attend.

Photography & Concept by Stevenchy.
Wardrobe : Models Own .

Nails By Wanja

Location : Divine Fitness Gym Mtwapa.

Juju Make Up.

Spreading contagious confidence and self love.

Be confident Be you Flônt it.

Love 😘.

Miss Flônt it.

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“The minute you start looking at others as competition you’ll lose yourself “.


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