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Becoming Bikini Champ – 5 year Journey

It all started on 5th December 2015 at Modern Fitness Nyali, 5 years on the universe conspired with all the uncertainty to bring all Fitness enthusiast and funs together 5th December 2020 Two rivers Sports District for the 2nd IronFit Classic & Fitness Expo !

Drum rolls , hello confident souls the day is finally here I am super excited this day marks exactly 5 years since I stepped into this whirl wind of Bikini Bodybuilding as a newbie and now having turned it into a full time job and career.I am more that thrilled to do this despite the year being super full of uncertainty , impossibilities and everything looking so dim .

When I started this journey it was all about being healthy , taking myself back home to self , my body and loving every inch of it and being confident in a bikini I never knew how much impact I would have on other people .I never knew how inspiring it would sparkle on my friends who out of this have also transformed their own lives and that of their family members , I may not have pictures posted to show for it but truly behind the scenes is a generation of beautiful confident souls totally transformed I am more than humbled, inspired and truly grateful to have had a hand at it.

First Pic after placing 3rd (First Competition)Ms Modern Fitness Bikini 2015

Competing has been an uphill task as it needs alot of financial back up and support  , the universe has been so much giving every single prep , every single stage that I stepped I have had the overwhelming love , support  and encouragement from my tribe my people who kept going, giving , celebrating even when we never won .But by the fact that I was able to do so with all challenges that prep brought that was always a win for me & all of us Team First Lady ! Every prep has had a significant place in my heart from the very first time in 2015 Ms Modern Fitness

Ms Modern Fitness Bikini 2015

Where I placed 3rd to winning Ms Greater Western Bikini 2018 , same year placing 2nd Ms Kenya Bikini and Winning the Inaugural Ironfit 2019 I am forever changed by the power that our bodies has and the immense capability it gives.
Why is 2020 special to me ? It’s a celebration of all this years that I have been forthcoming with myself , for all the work I have put for all the walls I had to tear down to finally come face to face with fear, anxiety , self doubt and diminishing myself  and seeing exactly who I have been waiting for and getting the answers to all my questions .It had always been there within me , in me that I am the one I have been waiting for all my life ❤.I am in the right path , one that seeks to empower , educate , inspire and motivate  self and others into a healthy sustainable joyous healthy living .This path that I chose & still do choose is my life’s purpose I will keep living it even in the after life .

Before Ms Kenya Bikini 2016

There were days I had it all in check focused , high energy and super motivated and positive and then came days when it all crushed and I just felt like fuck I can’t do this anymore the mind just spiralled out of control and the food cravings came in and boom 3 slices of break washed all down with a huge chunk of peanut butter on it and feeling like this whole prep has gone downhill. Prep for sure is one thing that needs total mental strength and focus , one that you got to keep centering yourself and trusting the process because if you don’t the spiral that is gonna happen is one that is gonna totally get you off your path and the whole program can go downhill!

After Ms Kenya Bikini 2017

Prep is a  total mental state and strength and every single day being kind to yourself as the body takes toll of every thing thrown on its way. Slow changes happening inwards and outwards the hormones taking each different turn in every simple moment , add your normal body function and your periods too ♥.
Fasted Cardio were the hardest having to juggle in between two gyms (Nyali Executive Jamhuri Rd & Times Health & Fitness Nyali SunAfrica) different locations  was hard but I had given myself my word during lockdown that as soon as the stage is back I will put in the work and go for it with my all every single day I digged in deeper in the trenches literally   centered in and focused and when it all crushed down , we took a rest , being kind to self and tried again the next day .

Ms Kenya Bikini 2018

This year has totally been transcending for me , the universe has been giving and going over and above for me .As I head over to Nairobi   as the defending Champ I celebrate myself as a winner already regardless of any outcome because winning is just but the icing on the countless daily battles  I daily have won during prep and still win after prep and even off prep as one journeys on!

Ironfit Classic 2019

What next for this fireball girl I am chasing daily transformation , personal growth , my pro card and helping many women realize the beauty of weight lifting, good sustainable healthy nutritious food, healthy balance eating lifestyle, positive confident loving body image , the joy of dance and body building , enjoying the journey and not to fall into the quick fix cycle .Our bodies have immense potential if only we could call it back home , get back home to self  with patience , kindness , love and understanding journey through .

2 Days out IronFit Classic 2020

See You all at IronFit Classic 2020 @Two Rivers Sports District Bring a friend wear your mask , sanitize , social distance and let’s create while celebrating the  endless possibilities this year has provided

Love 💓✨😘

Miss Flônt It

“A goal is not just an object on a pitch; it is also a milestone on your journey of excellence.” Onyi Anyado

Taking Pride In My Culture & Our African Heritage.

Hello hello beautiful confident souls, how are you doing first thing first  let’s all wash our hands , sanitize , maintain social distance & wear our masks before we do a sit down shall we ?
Its been a rollercoaster from normal to lockdown to uncertainty with a year down after the African Modest show .This clearly show how fast paced the world is moving.
It just hit me recently how growing up having to wear or be associated with your traditional outfit was totally shunned or unheard of even most no one paid attention to it unless you were in a traditional dance festival or a pageant ,I realized later on during my first pageant show while in Moi University Coast Campus .

Most especially when our mums wanted matchy matchy outfits together with your siblings ,oh my goodness that was such a NO for me which she wouldn’t take it then the tailors had no sense of sass or fashion you will all be clowning together 😳😅!

Wearing one was seen as “Ushamba or backward ” , with notable one being the Maasai who on the contrary pride themselves in it . They are a large tribal group spreading as far as to Tanzania & Kenya .Unlike the small minority nilotic tribes , whose assimilation and deep roots of shame towards their tribe meant hiding and not being seen nor heard .
This are my personal sentiments from my own journey , at one point It really mattered that I had our traditional costumes on which proved a hard nut to access nor purchase which later meant settling for the closes The Maasai tribe , in the mean time you can call me Nagol Nepi Naserian 🤗☺.

Mixed and Match this outfit on my own 😅!

It was a tough job and it still is when I tell people that I am not Maasai or Luhya or Luo ! So who are you then ? I still wont answer that question but just know I come from a minority tribe which am proud of.

I am nilotic , plain nilote to be precise we share same dialect with Maasai, Turkana ,Pokot and any plain nilotes from Sudan because that is where we migrated from .Your homework is to find out now 😉.Just so you know we are not Luhyas I had a tussle with my then GHC teacher in primary over this let’s just say I felt super proud explaining why and how to which she wasn’t amused at all 😆.

Another thing to note was also the Kitenge just typically you wouldn’t be caught dead in it totally Ushamba !
But fast forward to now look at how we go gugugaga on them all! Truth be told the current frenzy on traditional attires , accessories and kitenge is the new fashion  personally the bright colors all in one is the IT factor to me.
After being conditioned for long that loud colors isn’t cool most especially for dark skin women , and african wear is backward I am glad I didn’t fall into that bandwagon & was able to break out of that cocoon and progressively I enjoy going all out .All hail Dark skin melanin in bright loud colors ! As a matter of fact I am beginning to make my own African collection from outfits to accessories and different timeless pieces of adorable Kitenge designs and of course brightly colored thanks to amazing tailors and designers I am fortunate to have.

Out Fit By the Amazing Jessie Omwa (CheckFB) This Outfit is 9 years Old .

I don’t know why it took me this long to figure out but I am proud to be African , Nilotic ,plain Nilote Despite not knowing my mother tongue well I take pride in all of it well their are some stuff that I strongly discard 😅🙌🏿 unapologetically. I am proud to be home with self on this & wherever you are as always Live Life Boldly Loud 💓💃🏾💥

Be Confident Be You

Love Miss Flônt it 😘

Wardrobe : Models Own

Make – Up :Rahma Salon

Hair : Lilian’s Trendy hair

Nails By Wanja

Maasai Outfits & Accessories to Shoes :From My Maasai Sister I mixed & Matched.

Location : English Point Marina During During The African Modest Fashion Event & Pageant .

“In the Mind ,in my heart I was always home .I always imagined really going back home .”

Miriam Makeba

TransFORme Challenge 2020 .

Hello beautiful souls it’s my hope that from wherever you are all is well and that you’ve taken water already if not please do grab a glass of water or a huge mug then walk with me on here !

When 2020 started I had given myself a promise and keep my word to actually transform in every possible way ,knowing how much of a procrastinator I am I knew deep within that this was one of those moments I had to actually go within .Body building takes you through the emotional rollercoaster and your mental state & strength is strengthened with every single prep.

Submission /Registration Pics.

Come January , I had already set up the Sponsor me campaign to raise funds towards my Arnold Classic south Africa debut Bikini category .I also registered for Kenya Body building Supplements Transformation Challenge 2020 ( January to April 2020) top winners in male and female to win a paid vacation to Dubai .Amidst all this I was also looking forward to competing for the very first time in Kamukunji Annual Talent (KAT 2020 March 28th) whose Winner was to represent Kenya in Natural Body building competition in Romania (12-13th June).

Progress Pic 1

All this I had it written down in my journal , with every single day talking to self every single morning .I had all this to focus to and Corona hadn’t hit Kenya yet my fingers were all crossed and with every news from other countries everyone was on the edge .

Progress Pic 2

Every stage of my prep went well , January , February towards March as we were in peek for KAT 2020 the competition was postponed a few days later gyms were closed as well as the country .All this happened so fast , I always make my itinerary before competition so I had to travel to Nairobi meet up with my coach Maureen .Funny enough I was a bit disappointed that KAT was postponed I had looked forward to killing it on stage , bringing my best yet package on and representing Kenya .Regardless I had known that I’ll still keep going on with my prep no matter the circumstances.

Progress Pic 3

Yet I still had an opportunity to continue prepping and working hard towards my transformation .I took a week break before resuming in early April with all gyms closed and cessation of movement with a 7 pm to 6 am curfew .I literally panicked with a million questions flooding my head on how to actually go about it . It is at this moment that you actually appreciate your gym and also the need to have a small amount of weight and accessories for training at home.

Progress Pic 4

Truth is I had a few but my need to be in the gym , to keep my sanity without losing my head from the fear , hysteria and uncertainty all this are not conducive environment for me , most especially my body when am prepping. I got in touch with a local gym was able to access it very early in the morning .Sneaking out 5 am while ensuring there were no police people who would have whoop my ass back to the house or be arrested both scenarios still not a good place to be. At that particular time we were only 6 people in the gym social distance and sanitizer was always key.

Practicing at home My Poses

Every single day as the days moved by it got hard to focus to have the energy to take me through my sessions to eat my meal portions .Some days I got so emotional that I ended binging on bread as I broke down crying out of fear , anxiety and just being not in the know with the outside situation . I said down with myself again came up with a schedule , after my morning workout session , pose practise take pictures and video without failure afterwards have my breakfast then study Swedish. At 12pm take a nap to 2pm have my lunch while interacting online at this level I had unfollowed all media stations .Later during the day dance abit , read a novel dinner at 7pm bedtime at 10 pm or even 9pm depending on how tired I am .

At the gym Mask On after Session
Happier Energetic days before Meal 1
Happier Self after Dancing & Stretching!

I religiously followed through it with some days of postponing ,slacking down slowing down or not doing anything at all. When it got so hard I went down to my journal and wrote it all down as I checked on my promise to self in January .The challenge ended in April 25th , every single end of the month we sent progress pictures while holding a newspaper for that particular day.

Final Submission Pic 25th April 2020
In My Bikini 💓💪🏿!

I am happy with for having worked through this challenge and also it was and still is personal I felt it within my core . This was the first prep done with close to minimal on animal protein , more legume oriented meals as well as minimal human contact at home. I also bonded more with my body on a level that I have uttermost respect for it and the work it does amidst all pressure and the difference hormonal journey within.

News of me winning the Challenge came through , it was a Sunday , 7th anniversary day for Flônt It and I was in such a happy content state .When I saw my name that I had won I was so shocked 😭 😩 I dropped my phone and I started crying .I went back to my journal and what I had wrote down , I had manifested this , worked through it all and my feels . Still I had told myself even if I don’t win the best win for me was having me , my body back within the same mindset and love. I called my coach Maureen screaming we won we won!We had such a long warm video call .

After my stretch session that Sunday Morning Before getting the news of my win! Happy Content

I am so proud of myself , I am basking in awe at the amazing work I have done with self and I keep going in this journey. I personally feel in tuned with my body , I feel home as I await my Vacation trip I have the best gift of all already with me my body and I 😄.We look forward to many growth , opportunities and fun time together 🙌🏿💪🏿

June 17th 2020 (3 days after My win came in)
29th June 2020, Alutaaa Continuaaaa !

Be Confident, Be You

Love 😘

Miss Flônt It.

© Self Photography With Techno Camon 11

Wardrobe : Models Own

Location : Mtwapa (Kilifi County)

“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.”
– Carl Jung

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