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When Sudden Changes Happen 

​”Hold onto me coz am little unsteady ..🎶 🎶 Me Before You – X Ambassadors  ” Unsteady “.
Only a few people in my life know that I can be very emotional and empathetic I consider myself more of a sentimental  and passionate super passionate person in other words intense. 

Such that when sudden changes happen I tend to go into solitude and think things through feel myself into my world and delve into my inner strength and my faith .Such times the little  Minute trust and confidence in own self is the only thing that’ll pull you back to safer grounds.. 

My life has had so many sudden changes some which tore me down into minute pieces took me time to build myself back up.I have come to learn one important thing through the ups and downs of life.. 

It shall come to pass just hold on as much as you can as longer as you will and stand even when unsteady .Sudden changes must happen in order for you to grow in all spheres of your life.

Sudden changes  makes you question alot of stuff,  trying to make sense of some situation its  hard not to but don’t do that to yourself you’ll drain yourself the much needed energy to get back up. 

Not until it does happen will  you appreciate life more, appreciate your own efforts and the little things you do that form a much bigger part of not only your life but someone’s else life. 

Crying forms part of my sudden changes and so is sadness  I cry it all out then get my perspective clear and focused because at the end of the day we are as human as we can be .

And the core values will take you  back to your own self worth,  self belief and confidence .You’ll steer to clear subtle waters. 

PS : Had a great time during this shoot while bonding with a young soul my  Tracy’s daughter and  gem Wambo ♥ .

Something about kids there innocence and love is breathtaking. 

Wardrobe, Make-Up and Shoes : Models Own

Photography : Bonnie Wekesa 

Location : Moorings Floating Restaurant. 

Be confident,  Be you 

Love 😘😘😘

Miss Flônt It 

“Perhaps it’s the people whose lives  have taken sudden new twist.

People who have learnt to embrace the creative possibilities of change –

Who stand the best chance of penetrating life’s mysteries ”

Hugh Mackay

Twinnies Care – Breast cancer Month.

I know its past October , the cancer Awareness month but hold up, hold up lets keep the Breast cancer awareness flowing even past October.. anyway back to the story..👌👌👌👌👌👌

Why have I been scared to not go for the screening?  Is it really fear I tried to think with a bit more on flashbacks and still nothing was adding up. It’s simply was  an unexplainable hold  on myself that holds not only I but millions of women out there plus not knowing where to start and the culprit of all the cost to get screened.

It honestly had to be 2016, October where I actually took the bold step of going for both breast and cervical screening courtesy of Soccer Divas during a Football Tournament held in Mombasa Arena whose mission was raising awareness on cancer. When you finally gather all your courage and guts to actually do it, it’s a great feeling wish I could spread such a feeling to everyone to enable early screening and detections which gives more room for early treatment.

Two years ago, I got a call from one of my siblings that one of my sisters had a lump in her breast which needed to be removed as a matter of urgency. It wasn’t cancerous but the lump had to be removed. Everyone went into a panic mode the cash for the operation wasn’t on the high end but it still was a hustle looking for the cash to enable the simply surgery procedure. I remember crying and being scared for her like how is she holding up is she scared or freaking out while the thought of all this and money was not incoming almost drove me insane. She is well now, procedure went through and she does her regular check.

It’s funny how we don’t take some things seriously or even think about it until it happens close to or hearts. Cancer has been known to be a 40+ disease that few understand but once it drops the number to below 40 people wonder. Once it becomes so common the fear that it brings it’s scary and for a milli second numbs your whole system. That is how I felt when my close friend and sister from another mother got diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago.  Luckily it was in the early stages and since she had been doing her own routine check up at home and changes that came when she noticed something amiss she took immediate action.

Fast Forward to now, she is well underwent all the necessary medication and procedures. I have never been numbed and scared at the same time. I thought I was gonna loose her; had it been me in her shoes back then, honestly I would not have discovered something amiss, why?  I would not have detected early for reasons of not knowing how to do the at home checks. Secondly Fear, fear would have crippled me to silence and thinking it’s just a tiny problem and pain with thoughts that  it would disappear. Not Knowing, not wanting to know and not having the effort to find out would have doomed repercussions.

Talking about it, raising awareness is the way forward. We have many cancer survivors telling their story of courage, hope, faith and love. Cancer affects all of us, whether you’re a daughter, mother, sister, friend, coworker, doctor, or patient.” –Jennifer Aniston

Wardrobe : Models own.
Location : House Of Fotography Studio.

© House of Fotography

Training  Workout and Nutrition courtesy of FITI SANA Join today😉.

Be confident ,Be you ,  Flônt It.

Yours truly


Miss Flônt It 😘😘😘😘😘

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” – Kenji Miyazawa Tweet.

Bridal Love – First Time

It’s every girl’s dream, to have a wedding and we always fantasize on our gowns, aside from I the last time I thought of my own gown and weddings was back when I was 6 years. Don’t get it twisted I love weddings as long as am not the bride or the maids.

For quite a long time I have been looking, checking and even goggling for runaway opportunities to no Vail. The unfortunate lack of opportunities coming my way didn’t dampen my spirit instead it pushed me to keep on being on the lookout while doing my own personal shoots. When my all time designer and partner tagged me on a model call audition post, I didn’t actually think much about it i hurriedly prepared all the necessity plus informing my mentee who also dropped her required documents at Waridi office.

Weeks went by no response, I didn’t think much about it, with all hustle and bustle turning on my graduation plus my make up classes in Nairobi. Out of the blues I got a call back in regards to my earlier application in which they later on gave us additional details.

On discovering that it was a Wedding Expo I actually froze in fear and anticipation. Should I give it a try or pass it on but wait I couldn’t pass it on just like that despite having no experience i resolved, to do it and learn along the way.

Brides and Beyond Wedding Expo, the first of its kind in Mombasa county 001, my reality dawned on me during the Pre- Shoot to promote the Expo which took place at Wild Waters with the amazing Pattie Parrie Photography; did I mention how amazing this woman is?  Yes she is amazing together with Waridi assembling close to ten different women as models in one set up in preparation for the mother of all events.

All models different in their own way, beautiful representing all in one. The models and audience went wild after seeing the photos from this shoot, I guess that’s the same mood brides feel ahead of their wedding, surety of all will be well and exceed.

During fitting for our dresses did it dawn on me the stress brides go through just to pick the perfect fit for themselves and their bridesmaids it’s hectic. The trouble is not one sided, both the slender and full figure have a hard time picking a gown, but guess what the wedding planner makes it easier and less tedious when you engage their services or better still when there are many variety of bridal shops within the vicinity this gives one a wide variety choice to pick from. Everyone finally had a gown and fitting item to showcase for the D-Day.

Everywhere was well it and organized with the Mcs both male and female doing their job well keeping the audience, participants and exhibitors lively. Without knowing two days of the expo passed by with so much fun, glam and glitz having learnt a lot. 

This happens to be my first runaway job since I started modelling and blogging. We look forward to working with Waridi again on the next Expo which will be held on May 2017 dates to be confirmed. Waridi`s passion proves that with consistency and pushing the boundaries without giving up could bare much more fruits not just for one person but a multitude.

For more of the photos head over to facebook on Brides and Beyond Kenya.

Models Showcasing Gowns :

Waridi Fashions, Lolita Bridal  , Pamba Africa,

Location :Aga Khan Hall behind UoN Mombasa Campus.

©  Pattie Parrie Photography

Be confident ,Be you ,  Flônt It.

Yours truly


Miss Flônt It 😘😘😘😘😘

“Your passion backed up with consistency will pay off, keep going “.
Miss Flônt It.

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