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I Am Reason-Ms Kenya Bikini 2017.

When the year started I was super optimistic things will flow in my direction. I had no idea sudden changes will take place and that it’ll force me to up my game. I wanted to take time off and not compete at all I felt inadequate and unprepared. Just too much was going on and I felt out of place within myself. 

Being my third year in  training for competition I still did not feel fit and ready to take up the task alone. Due to unavoidable reasons I had to leave and set up my training in another gym. I trained at Divine Fitness mtwapa next to the Base Police Station. It’s super amazing with all the much needed equipment and facilities with much helpful instructors. 

There are days  and when I say days I honestly mean it.Days when I went without training as I just didn’t have the IT to train nor  to do anything.At times the finances were not in place to sustain the much needed diet and training gears but we nudged through.  Life and it’s challenges just got the better of me. Some days I literally had to drag myself and push myself to train though unwillingly inside out. 

With sound advice from my fellow competitors who have been in the game for a while the likes of Everlyne Owala and my training partner Maurice Hamisi who ensured that I was in the run for the game by all means.” You have to fight for your space,  also look at personal training”, Owala insisted on an already giving up soul of mine. Am glad I did not quit and I stood by myself as my own coach owning up 💪👌.

I got sick thrice , the last one being a week to the competition it really was tough I had to wind up my training early than anticipated .Heading for the competition unwell is hard I had to  focus extra to keep myself grounded .The other competitors also  kept on nudging me to brave through not forgetting my support system who travelled far and wide to be present in the audience. 

Fast forward training and prepping was not all swift but I learnt alot with my own body. My body responded well to the much training and diet routine that I had taken up. This time I managed a 52 kg weight with balanced legs and upper body unlike the previous year 50 kg lean but missing out on the physique. 

As I begin to prep for the next competition in November I want to concentrate on bringing a better package than before and to push my limits .Its not going to be easy but it’s Possible.

I came in 4th place behind Rock Cey who came in third,  Mikhala Barasa 2nd while Farah Ismael carried the day  as Ms Kenya bikini 2017. It’s always an honor sharing the stage with this amazing women.  

I also offer personal training , meal plan and dance workout  feel free to hit me up at affordable package  Yes I do charge for this services 🙌💪👌. Text me,  call me,  Hit me up on messenger, DM me on IG or simply email me .

I’ll continue to spread contagious confidence and love .

Keep fit be heathly and dance it all out.. 

Make Up Models Own ( Juju Make Up) 

Bikini and Clear shoes : Models Own. 

Hair By Fatma Mtwapa. 

Nail By Wanja. 

Photography By New Images Filmz Njegah 

On Location : Peponi Private Villa 

Be confident,  Be You

Love 😘 

Miss Flônt It 

“I am reason,  Believe and fuel your dream it’s not easy but it’s worth. Bikini Athlete to the top most. ”
Miss Flônt It ♥. 


Oily Face Routine – Acne unmasked 

​Your face is the first thing people see. Add somethingon on your face let’s say a simple pimple everything will be a bit off. It’s something I can from experience and all my females you’ll agree with me on this. 

My skin type is oily  , for years it has not bother me much until the last few months when my face just went haywire 😢. 

I had rushes and big pimples on my face with black spots at first it didn’t bother me but when it kept on being just there not unmoved. It got me  worried 😟 to say. As bikini athlete your face is the first impression people see,  that aside with a clean diet pimples are the last thing on the face.  That alarmed me note I drink lots of water more than 3 litres a day. 

© Klique studio 

This didn’t make me happy like who sent you pimples Arghhhh then..   I was trolled online for my unskilled make Up skills with people yarking  on the pimples on my face I know sad.. 

It actually made me question alot of stuff and I finally came to the conclusion from my end what the world think does not matter. Of from within you feel off start to work on it for yourself. For one of our greatest enemy starts from within thats me within. 

It all stars from within, relax process and just move One step to yourself. Then will you get the right way to move forward. I stopped all the conctions I was going to get rid of the acne and pimples. I started using aloe Vera the natural One I applied  it all over my face overnight and washed my face  in the morning with turmeric soap. 

It works 👆 👆  🙌😎👌but  the catch is the bitter taste from the aloe Vera. Though  it’s a  price so small to pay, together with turmeric soap and rose water that caps it all for my current face regime. I intend to also use milk and tomato as well as lemon water and sugar just to monitor the combined work force and reaction. 

Lesson learnt,  confidence still is a journey even to those who others think have it all together. I intend to keep on working on myself as I inspire you to do the same for your own self. 

As for your skin if its oily like mine just get  yourself aloe Vera 👌.

Make Up By Byegon Hockler 

© Trendy arts. 

Spreading contagious confidence and love. 

Be confident be you 

Love 😘. 

Miss Flônt It 

Dipped In Melanin – Melaslay. 

When did you last love your skin? Genuinely love your skin regardless of the shade of your skin color ?  To feel confident to feel the melanin all dipped sun kissed dark shade of your skin tone.  

I have always  loved  my skin not knowing it as melanin all I knew was ” Mweusi Kama giza”,  I am dark though others call it chocolate  others am abit light shaded 😑 but to others I am as dark as the night. Which I deeply love,  nothing describes better my relationship with my skin than the smile that I have now when I look at it ♥. 

With all this in mind,  in comes make Up and application finding the right shade for women of color had to be one hell of a nightmare. Though with so much uproar from international super models like Nykhor Paul who are darker than I much changes seems to be incoming. We have diversity in make up that caters for the dark skin. 

© Nykhor Paul Dark Melanin ♥.

For this Actual shoot it was all a matter of finding the comfort in not only the make up but engaging and bringing out the melanin or should I now call myself woman of color 😊.

It was amazing to collaborate with an amazing Make Up Artist Byegon Hockler and also New photographer Kevin aka Trendy Arts.  Like I always say am all about different people different dimensions of the creativity that can give a new age on my end as a model and confidence lifestyle blogger. 

Every artistic mind that I have worked with always blow my mind out super awesome talent ♥. 

Once you learn and find peace and the beauty in your skin,  the feeling is priceless I can’t tell you enough how mind freeing it is and liberating.

PS : Next time I want to have different shades of the melanin let me work on that reminds me of Cindy Bonita Calling out  thousands and thousands of dark skin ♥. 

All projections on  skin tone , skin color and the love find it here 😊.
Love Your melanin as Miss Flônt It says. – MelaSlay ♥. 

Hakuna kutoa Tint,  Tint Stays Black stays.. ♥. 

Make Up : Byegon Hockler 

Photography by : Trendy Arts. 

Styling,  Dress and earrings : Models own. 

Shoes : Sonia Collections Mtwapa. 

Location : Vescon Bamburi. 

Love 😘😘😘

Miss Flônt It. 

Beauty is diverse,  say NO TO BLEACHING”
Nykhor Paul. 

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