Body confidence is wearing my flaws with pride knowing deep down I am but a mare mortal and that I never signed a contract anywhere as to how I want to be neither how each of my body parts should be.

I found myself just the way I am and due to some life’s tragedy some parts got malfunctioned not literally 😂 ,an accident happened either of my own happening (playing as kids broke my one front tooth story for another day) or unavoidable circumstances. (slid and fell down breaking another front tooth 😥).

One of the main thing I can’t stop my body is from its natural folds when I sit move or even just do the simplest of anything. No matter how trained you are as an instructor or fitness trainer you can’t stop the natural folds of the body.

I have learnt to differentiate the natural body folds and my expectations towards my body. My stomach is different when I stand and when I sit is just but one example .As one works out towards their body goal it’s always important to keep in mind what ideal is and what your body can actually achieve on a healthy regime.

I also keep in mind of how different our bodies are in regards to body type, size, shape our genes and race just to mention. At one point in life I was super uncomfortable with just any folds in my body and every opportunity or chance if had given I would have made an unwise decision of getting rid of something that I had actually thought was a bother and uncool.

Every single day I make a conscience decision to love every inch of by body all in its flaws and imperfections as much as I work out, take care of it and eat healthy.

There is no specific example of perfection or the ideal body that every female should be, but every female should aspire and want to be wholesome in just who they are as they work towards loving themselves wholly and fully with a commitment to be a better person first and foremost to the self and then other women and everyone around them.

Photography by Francis Njengah

Bikini : Forever Trendy

Shoes By Sonia Collections Mtwapa.

Nails By Wanja

Be Confident, Be You

Love 😘.

Miss Flônt It.

“You are imperfect , permanently and inevitably flawed
Amy Bloom