Inspired by music, life experience and meeting incredible people from all walks of life has made my life by so far super colorful, exciting and enriching. A year ago had I no actual zeal to celebrate one of the most important days of my life “My birthday “.

Life with its unpredictable turn of events threw me into a dark pit that I had lost my spirit of dance and self belief. For a moment I trekked on uncertainty & fear but I still had hope. I am in a much better place with life as I keep on becoming better and knowing better.

Every high and low in life is always a preparation for the person that you are meant to become. It is filled with tears, pain, uncertainty, dark days and worry of what if you’ll not be good enough. That only is enough to want more out of yourself, it’s normal and it does not last long as long as you keep hope alive even if it’s 0.001% of hope. I have learnt to always stand up for myself, who I am and to believe in myself so much till it hurts.

Color this life with my charm, enthusiasm, charisma and bubbly self without containing myself, holding back or even being boxed into people’s ideal of the person that I am as well as the person I am becoming. People or even your closest of your people will think you’ve changed while in real sense it’s you becoming of age of what was deeply hidden in you, like a caterpillar you will blossom into a butterfly and nothing stop that stage and cycle in your life.

I intend to keep on coloring this life with all the dance I can, all the fitness I can behold, all the confidence I can spread and gracefully holding my tiara high with boldness & courage letting out the queen that I am.

Happy Birthday Miss Flônt It.

Dance More|Lift More| Slay More|Believe More|Spread More Love| More Positivity |More Boldness |And Every Bit of Who I am.

Demand more from yourself because it’s all within you.

Slay 2018*Dance*Fitness*Confidence*

Queen 👑.

Issac Twerk Month, Issa Birthday

Twerksation 😎😍😋

Coloring This Life – Vybez Kartel

Photography by Francis Njengah

Nails By Wanja

Wardrobe :Models Own

Shoes: Sonia Collections Mtwapa

Hair : Kaloti Haircut Mtwapa.

Location : 2547 Cottages Diani.

Be Confident, Be You

Love 😘

Miss Flônt It.

“Just be yourself let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are”

Mandy Hale