Nairobi always has a special unmoved place in my heart,NairoBae though I dislike passionately the cold weather .Mombasa my current love for the last 6 years now, the weather is just superbly amazing. Imagine the difference when I travelled carrying with me just a scarf.

Shock on me the cold didn’t spare me it actually devoured every inch of my skin I literally had to raid my pals wardrobe luckily we are the same size she loves loves leather, I found my perfect fit. For this specific day I was meeting up with an amazing talented poet and photographer Sami Khan. It was one of those random days I didn’t feel like putting an effort to look all styled up or dolled up .

Within seconds I was rushing out having just powdered my face, lip gloss and nude matte lipstick on. Got to town and I realised damn I forgot to wear my earrings I got into a boutique shop and this rounded red earring just caught my eyes 😍 love at first sight. I was running late for our meeting, I dashed out heading to Java Nation Centre.

It seems Leather jackets is the legit cold weather combat as he was also dressed in one . We touched base on his works most especially his recent published Photo and poet book and yes I got my own copy out of the blues he suggested we go for a shoot.

My mouth literally fell on the floor, how could I go for a shoot unprepared , looking like all this normal laid back me. I didn’t feel pretty enough for a shoot, this was one of those days when a female just didn’t feel pretty enough to be in front of a camera.

Let’s just say I just had to go for the shoot to close the year with a bang and be like let’s see how this “meh” will look like in front of a camera. Three hours later after the shoot I was looking at the photos with gushing eyes and all smitten.

Mind you, all this photos are as raw as I felt ,it was just awesome and the perfect reminder that in all our rawness and fear beauty can still be seen as it oozes from deep within up.

Now I know what I want for my birthday, a black leather jacket and another pair of black leather like jeggings 😉😉😉.

Photography by Sami Khan

Wardrobe : Models Own Aside from the Black Leather Jacket ( gifted).

Sunglasses : Gifted “Funky Glasses ” 😘.

Shoes By Sonia Collections Mtwapa.

Nails By Wanja

African Bracelets By Costa.

Location : Sami Khan Studio Surroundings.

Be Confident, Be You Love


Miss Flônt It.

“Resist your fears, fear will never lead you to a positive end. ” T. D Jakes