I don’t know where to start, it’s been awhile since I was here I have meant to write and post something but every time I tried I got this nagging feeling not to, and I postponed it. before I knew it two months had passed , I almost lost who I am.

Knowing Who you are with all honesty is the most important thing that one can do for themselves. When you truly are yourself small things won’t bother you nor will they hinder you from moving towards your dreams no matter how hard it gets.

When the fears and doubts begin to creep in you second guess every move you make , you can no longer find meaning and satisfaction even in the things that you truly enjoy doing, life becomes burdensome and your passion at some point seems no longer a worthwhile pursuit.

At this point you begin to believe what others say about you and most of the time it’s not positive or it doesn’t help to spur your growth and is just a complete waste of your time, but still you foolishly believe in that more than your own opinion of yourself. As a result you wander away from the path to your dreams and start to live in the mistakes and your shortcomings in the past. After that your time is spent on wondering what if I had done it differently, instead of what can I do to get better, what skills do I need, where can I find more opportunities, what lessons can learn that will propel me further.

Once the time for action has passed regrets set in, anxiety follows, frustrations grow and a feeling of desperation arises when you forget who you are, what you really want and your destination in life. Nothing destroys faster than regrets, the “what if’s” of life.

It takes a lot of courage and confidence remain yourself in this ever-changing world, with new demands at every turn. I have learnt that at every stage of our lives, circumstances will demand a different you along the way, by different it does not mean you change to conform to other poples demands of you,  rather it should be a better you, a more mature and experienced version of yourself.I’m happy with the person I am.

Never forget who you are, especially when the times are tough, who you truly are will always lead you to your better place .Believe and hold on to that.

Make Up Models Own ( Juju Make Up) 

White Romper  : Models Own.

Heels : Sonia Collections Mtwapa.

Hair By Fatma Mtwapa.

Nails By Wanja.

Photo Credits : Francis Njenga (New Images)

On Location : Pepo Mingi Private Villa

Be Confident,  Be You

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“If you listen to people  and if you allow people to project their fears on you,

You wont live.”

Taraji P Henson.