​Sometimes it’s hard sticking to a path that you can for sure bank on that this is what makes your heart tick but wait till it gets to the public domain that’s when you shrink or start doubting. 

 Regardless of how you share or express  your dream, only you can understand to people they can’t seem to give a thought to it,  it can only come life if you just keep at it and push harder . 

I remember starting out here the doubts in my head was real .Its not easy when it gets tough but most of all when you tell yourself that you’re not making any progress. When no one is paying attention to what you can tell us fired up passion ready to explode and just contagiously spread to others. 

Work on it as you progress even when you don’t feel like it.Focussing on self ,  the journey and how intense at times it made me feel all emotions wrapped into one huge ball of fire screaming  name in the background after hushing myself down.

Am glad through the journey of ups and downs,  giving up and coming back I can still be able to look back and still do it again .Looking back I can just but smile and respect the process,  as I keep walking the journey and rooting for myself all the way. Wake up and start screaming your  name out passionately ♥. Be your biggest fun. 

Make Up Models Own ( Juju Make Up) 

Pink Laced Dress and Heels  : Models Own. 

Hair By Fatma Mtwapa. 

Nail By Wanja. 

Photography By New Filmz Images Njegah 

On Location : Pepo Mingi Private Villa 

Be confident,  Be You

Love 😘 

Miss Flônt It 

“No one cares about your dreams.People will only start caring when it has gained momentum and has gotten big enough for them to start paying attention.Until then, it’s you and your goal, and working on it whether you feel like it or not is what will get you to where you wanna be.So you might as well start being your biggest fan.”

 James R.  Quest