I have always had a thing for dresses and outfits that are out of the norm fits my personality right in. What caught me by surprise is my love for lace which I fell head over heels in love like drop dead ♥. Its superbly elegant and  sexy .

There’s just something about lace that makes it simply  look so incredibly elegant and accessorizing it is so simple or almost at a nil angle for me. Most especially for that special occasion,  date or function that you want to slay without even trying. 

How do I choose my lace?  It’s simple love at first sight 😂. It’s so hard at the same time simple. For this particular pink lace dress I saw and loved it from the word go and I knew it would fit me just perfectly. And true to my observation it  did meticulously fit into my curves .

Aside from love,  it needs to fit comfortably well even when I move,  I didn’t want to pick something that after I wore it and made a few steps it’s all way up my waist. That is the most annoying part for me and the kind of dresses which for me quite doesn’t work. Am always looking at comfort while I move and not to be self aware every step I take. 

When it comes to dresses I love them short or long all the way. The rule of thumb for short I don’t have to keep pulling it down,  while for long all the way it needs to be well done not tight to hinder my walk. But when it comes to lace oh my even of its mid dress I don’t mind imma be  all laced up 😅😍.

What about yourself,  you ask  choose a lace that you feel works for you and your personality and body depending on where you’re going. Settle for comfort and one that brings out your personality ♥. The kind of lace that works for me is the kind  I can rock without any reservations and confidently embrace my body in it. 

It’s a  laced affairs 😍 you can never go wrong with it,  elegantly laced try it. Go shop for a laced dresses it can be long,  midway,  sleeves long arms  without just name it. You’ll love it just like I do * Blushmode .

Special shout out see you tonight at Extreme Fashion Show Organised by Pyramid Models at Moonshine Beach Bar entrace is Absolutely FREE. 

Make Up Models Own ( Juju Make Up) 

Pink Laced Dress and Heels  : Models Own. 

Hair By Fatma Mtwapa. 

Nail By Wanja. 

Photography By New Filmz Images Njegah 

On Location : Pepo Mingi Private Villa 

Be confident,  Be You

Love 😘 

Miss Flônt It 

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”.Audrey Hepburn.