​Your face is the first thing people see. Add somethingon on your face let’s say a simple pimple everything will be a bit off. It’s something I can from experience and all my females you’ll agree with me on this. 

My skin type is oily  , for years it has not bother me much until the last few months when my face just went haywire 😢. 

I had rushes and big pimples on my face with black spots at first it didn’t bother me but when it kept on being just there not unmoved. It got me  worried 😟 to say. As bikini athlete your face is the first impression people see,  that aside with a clean diet pimples are the last thing on the face.  That alarmed me note I drink lots of water more than 3 litres a day. 

© Klique studio 

This didn’t make me happy like who sent you pimples Arghhhh then..   I was trolled online for my unskilled make Up skills with people yarking  on the pimples on my face I know sad.. 

It actually made me question alot of stuff and I finally came to the conclusion from my end what the world think does not matter. Of from within you feel off start to work on it for yourself. For one of our greatest enemy starts from within thats me within. 

It all stars from within, relax process and just move One step to yourself. Then will you get the right way to move forward. I stopped all the conctions I was going to get rid of the acne and pimples. I started using aloe Vera the natural One I applied  it all over my face overnight and washed my face  in the morning with turmeric soap. 

It works 👆 👆  🙌😎👌but  the catch is the bitter taste from the aloe Vera. Though  it’s a  price so small to pay, together with turmeric soap and rose water that caps it all for my current face regime. I intend to also use milk and tomato as well as lemon water and sugar just to monitor the combined work force and reaction. 

Lesson learnt,  confidence still is a journey even to those who others think have it all together. I intend to keep on working on myself as I inspire you to do the same for your own self. 

As for your skin if its oily like mine just get  yourself aloe Vera 👌.

Make Up By Byegon Hockler 

© Trendy arts. 

Spreading contagious confidence and love. 

Be confident be you 

Love 😘. 

Miss Flônt It