When did you last love your skin? Genuinely love your skin regardless of the shade of your skin color ?  To feel confident to feel the melanin all dipped sun kissed dark shade of your skin tone.  

I have always  loved  my skin not knowing it as melanin all I knew was ” Mweusi Kama giza”,  I am dark though others call it chocolate  others am abit light shaded 😑 but to others I am as dark as the night. Which I deeply love,  nothing describes better my relationship with my skin than the smile that I have now when I look at it ♥. 

With all this in mind,  in comes make Up and application finding the right shade for women of color had to be one hell of a nightmare. Though with so much uproar from international super models like Nykhor Paul who are darker than I much changes seems to be incoming. We have diversity in make up that caters for the dark skin. 

© Nykhor Paul Dark Melanin ♥.

For this Actual shoot it was all a matter of finding the comfort in not only the make up but engaging and bringing out the melanin or should I now call myself woman of color 😊.

It was amazing to collaborate with an amazing Make Up Artist Byegon Hockler and also New photographer Kevin aka Trendy Arts.  Like I always say am all about different people different dimensions of the creativity that can give a new age on my end as a model and confidence lifestyle blogger. 

Every artistic mind that I have worked with always blow my mind out super awesome talent ♥. 

Once you learn and find peace and the beauty in your skin,  the feeling is priceless I can’t tell you enough how mind freeing it is and liberating.

PS : Next time I want to have different shades of the melanin let me work on that reminds me of Cindy Bonita Calling out  thousands and thousands of dark skin ♥. 

All projections on  skin tone , skin color and the love find it here 😊.
Love Your melanin as Miss Flônt It says. – MelaSlay ♥. 

Hakuna kutoa Tint,  Tint Stays Black stays.. ♥. 

Make Up : Byegon Hockler 

Photography by : Trendy Arts. 

Styling,  Dress and earrings : Models own. 

Shoes : Sonia Collections Mtwapa. 

Location : Vescon Bamburi. 

Love 😘😘😘

Miss Flônt It. 

Beauty is diverse,  say NO TO BLEACHING”
Nykhor Paul.