​”Hold onto me coz am little unsteady ..🎶 🎶 Me Before You – X Ambassadors  ” Unsteady “.
Only a few people in my life know that I can be very emotional and empathetic I consider myself more of a sentimental  and passionate super passionate person in other words intense. 

Such that when sudden changes happen I tend to go into solitude and think things through feel myself into my world and delve into my inner strength and my faith .Such times the little  Minute trust and confidence in own self is the only thing that’ll pull you back to safer grounds.. 

My life has had so many sudden changes some which tore me down into minute pieces took me time to build myself back up.I have come to learn one important thing through the ups and downs of life.. 

It shall come to pass just hold on as much as you can as longer as you will and stand even when unsteady .Sudden changes must happen in order for you to grow in all spheres of your life.

Sudden changes  makes you question alot of stuff,  trying to make sense of some situation its  hard not to but don’t do that to yourself you’ll drain yourself the much needed energy to get back up. 

Not until it does happen will  you appreciate life more, appreciate your own efforts and the little things you do that form a much bigger part of not only your life but someone’s else life. 

Crying forms part of my sudden changes and so is sadness  I cry it all out then get my perspective clear and focused because at the end of the day we are as human as we can be .

And the core values will take you  back to your own self worth,  self belief and confidence .You’ll steer to clear subtle waters. 

PS : Had a great time during this shoot while bonding with a young soul my  Tracy’s daughter and  gem Wambo ♥ .

Something about kids there innocence and love is breathtaking. 

Wardrobe, Make-Up and Shoes : Models Own

Photography : Bonnie Wekesa 

Location : Moorings Floating Restaurant. 

Be confident,  Be you 

Love 😘😘😘

Miss Flônt It 

“Perhaps it’s the people whose lives  have taken sudden new twist.

People who have learnt to embrace the creative possibilities of change –

Who stand the best chance of penetrating life’s mysteries ”

Hugh Mackay