Have you ever tried something that you know for sure you’re still  not good at just not yet?  Or something that you’re learning and then innocently post it or share it with the ones you know are good at it! I love make up , I love being  natural above all I love learning new things,  new stuff and just about anything that my souls feels is great for me.

I happen to be making slow progress in my Make-Up journey and most recent I have not been getting enough time to actually practise due to working late hours as well as gym time which I love as well 😂 💪👌.

Having extra time for make Up and I had a little conversation and I came up with abit progress and I was like let me post for the first time in a make up all guru group to get more insight and correction 

Shock on me!!!!!😱 😱 

The comments, reaction and remarks would have send someone to an early grave. Out of the derogatory comments and remarks quite a number rallied behind me and were supportive and many went out of there way to actually shut down the comments and even more encouraging were many women willing to help and assist me learn and make changes on my make up. Things that struck me the most was the shaming  from my body,  skin color,  eyes,  teeth,  smile  how I looked to say but the least.

I failed to understand why a portion of women found and still find the need to be mean and hateful.  

Someone actually called me ugly,  a baboon,  I looked gay and that I looked like man and the extreme was wether I was alive or dead. And the conversation changed from make tips to name calling others coming in defense of me. A day after that I was not only in one group trending but also  in another group this time a gossip group. 

I actually wasnt moved by all that but my concern was of another woman who hasn’t reached my level of actualization when it comes to the self, confidence and just knowing who you are is enough. 

It’s not wrong to learn,  it’s not wrong to correct but to rebuke someone and name call them that is totally not accepted. It’s wrong to call someone names and tell them off for their effort of learning not to try it again .

You just can’t quit just because it was not right, or it did not turn out right as per the standards set out. Am always a believer of do it until you do it right .You simply just cannot stop. 

You keep trying and blocking out the negative noises from your space and pick up the positive encouragement and love, plus by all means the support and with a few help and insight on a great point of view take it up and become better by all means.

I have come to realize in life most people are so quick to lush out with negativity and bile while others will go the long run and actually show you you’re in the right track just adjust here and there.You’re better off with the latter.

What does that mean,  I’ll keep on sending love and confidence my way as I send it your way too keep following me in this journey . Make Up Juju I will perfect my skills with amazing souls who came out of their way to assist me I’ll share all the stories and people I’ll work with on this make up journey. 

Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.

© Courtesy of Mwalumah Photography, Teddy Mitchener House of Fotography and personal Selfies with Infinix Hot 4.

Special Shout out to the beautiful awesome souls that saw it right speak up on the negative comments you are my heros May you keep spreading the love and I can’t wait to work with the help of number of awesome amazing people on my make up journey.  

Love ♥ 

Miss Flônt It 

Be confident be you. 

“Cyber bullying and body shaming 

Much love to you y’all 😘😘😘😘

Am at a point in life people’s negative comments don’t hit me, change me or move me.. At all.. 

What worries me is another woman who hasn’t reached my point of actualization when it comes to the self,  self esteem,  confidence and belief in who you are is enough , and that learning and starting no matter how bad it looks always gets better with time and eventually one will be a pro. 

That level of knowing you’re beautiful no matter how the world perceived and looks at you.. 🙌🙌🙌🙌

I know am beautiful and the world doesn’t need to tell me to know so.. 

Though I appreciate the ones who see  my beauty.. Most especially in my dark skin and with all my pimples on..

Barikiweni Sana most especially the ones with the negated comments.. And watch this space.. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👌👌👌💪💪💪💪”.

Miss Flônt It