“You look good but a bit muscular with your short hair”..

That was a comment I had a year ago when I was dressed in a wedding gown.That statement made me question alot with the most basic question being why is a woman body subject to someone else’s  choice of identity ?

 Can we choose what we want to be with our bodies without someone wanting us to be different from what they seem fit for us or can a woman be just what she seems fit for her self . It is on that notion that it hit me, the minute your body is owned up to someone’s else’s choice that isn’t yours we tend to curl up and just accept it as the norm. Am totally not for the norm by all means.. 

From the same you cease to exist as your own but live as someone’s else’s need and want with the shadow cast on you from them. I have always been athletic since I was young girl  a tomboy to say the least .The day I started lifting and training I got to understand and appreciate the hard work,  sacrifices and commitment it takes to get there .

I have accepted that I can’t live up to the softness of the norm that society prescribes  women to I want to live to my own norm and identify which has no static being it can change every surpassing day and for that am excited as to  what the future holds.

Yeah you can guess it right I’ll keep on lifting,  when I see muscles on a woman that makes me super excited and motivated .Mad respect to women who lift  women who take there time out to look good and heathy for there own bodies sake.

A woman is allowed to be whatever she want to be most especially with her body as long as it does not  affect  her natural physical,   emotional and psychological being  it should be a wholeness gain. The day you’ll fall in love with your body and the progress as a whole words have no way to express the feeling it’s pure pure bliss. 

You have the power of choice in your hands and heart to choose rightfully without  harming the body you want for your own awesome self ♥. 

Wardrobe : Models Own. 

Make up: Juju Make Up Master Dorcas. 

Photography : Prologue _ Creative @Tapawa. 

Creative Director : Lucy Okal

Be confident,  Be You. 


Miss Flônt It 

Females carry the marks, language and nuances of their culture more than the male. Anything that is desired or despised is always placed on the female body.

                      -Wangechi Mutu