There’s no lifebook that dictates that you should have it all together when things are not going as you want them to be. Or when sudden changes happen in  your life,  try to keep in hold up only to realize that even half of it is just not in place and then maybe you think if you lock people out of your life maybe just maybe you’ll have it all figured  out No? 

What about having it all in check even when the person who committed the hurt was meant to be your friend to have your back one who said they got you only to realize life doesn’t sometimes happen that way. 

What if all you wanted was to get some money so that your life gets back on track , to get some good loving and to clear all the piling debts that just won’t go away. Or simply just to be at par with your peers you know everyone is bowling and cruising *Dubai Tings so you think and you just go ahead and do it only to regret it later .

How to fix it you start to think. You start to bash yourself so hard that the only voice you hear is “not worth another minute hear”.At first you push it away but as it gets louder you get busier yours friends see you lesser and lesser. You stop picking calls and the last time you were seen no one can recall why?  Because you were fine , okay and jovial. The normality of it all kicks in just like a joke.

Dig in a little more boom,  she’s no longer here but in another world gone forever. Then the RIP on her wall follows with the condolences and how  special a person she was. Others would be in denial as to how come they never saw it coming or they wished they had done more to revert what already has happened. But she  seemed always happy and full of life you’ll all think what pushed her to do that.. 

Twice or thrice I can tell how it feels to get to that point of wanting to take your own life suicide has to be one of those things that no one wants to talk about. Get some money caught my by surprise the whole storyline is really out of this world.It started out as a short film which was later adapted into a full length movie .

Get some money is a biblical representation of the betrayal of Jesus Christ as it sheds light on  the plight of suicide being while  sensitizing  world bodies on the need of awareness and to #speakagainstsuicide. 

 And to think the number of suicide cases in men is higher than women is a shocking  thing to deal with.Women talk and they open up more than men there no  much work that needs to be done in order to reduce and completely eradicate suicide.

Been there not once,  not twice but thrice My life is just by Grace make sure you go out and watch “Get Some Money”.


‘Get Some Money – The Parable of Judas’ premieres on Sat 25th February at the century cinemax garden city mall and our VIP is sold out. 

Get Some Money, revolves around the turbulent life of ‘Judas Mikwanja Iscarioti’ (Collins Ochieng) focussing on his troubled love life with Magda ( Naomi Mburuh) and also the struggles that come with handling money for the outrageous discipleship. The film features some of Kenya’s top actors, both established rookies and experienced majors.

Few regular tickets remain with the following prices.

Regular – Ksh. 1200/=

Squad – Ksh. 5000(group of five)

Watch trailer here: Get Some Money – Trailer

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#Speak against suicide 

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