Ever been asked this question Why do you go to the gym and you`re skinny? This question is not new to my small portable self; I got asked this question even before I saw my body changes. It’s a question I face every single day and am sure many of myself out there my body size get asked the same.ultimate121-copy

What is even heart breaking is the mean comments from women as to what bones you`re trying to reduce or the snare and looks. Being fit and hitting the gym is not sidelined only for those who want to shed off some extra KGs ,gym is for everyone who want to be better in their own body, health wise and being fit.ultimate123-copy

Skinny people as well have goals too, each individual small persons we`re all unique and different.Beside being a Bikini Athlete,  my goals are simple but a task that I have to work extra hard on. ultimate124-copy

Being off season  my gains focused mainly on my glutes and legs  in a layman’s language focus is on bum and legs.. Not forgetting my back as well as hands. Looking at myself currently am all happy 🙌😂😄😄 yes I can see the gains and no am not fat.


Back to the question again,  should a skinny me Be In The Gym?  

Yes Yes and yes a zillion times.. I feel much stronger,  healthy and even more confident about myself for myself with myself. Baby steps were all I needed to simply start and keep focus on diligently and with consistence. 

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else. it’s about being better than you used to be”.

Wardrobe  Make up & Shoes : Models own.
Location :FitiSana health and Fitness gymnasium Mtwapa Mombasa. 

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Training  Workout and Nutrition courtesy of FITI SANA Join today😉.

Be Confident, Be You

Love 😘

Flônt It.