Sometimes in life we all need to take time out and just breath even if that’s the only thing we do the whole day. Life can be overwhelming and that’s normal. Personally January always has to be one of those months where I sit and reflect practically as what I have done so far and where needs improvement .It’s a constant ball that keeps running in my head regardless of where in life I am. I make it a point to look at my journey so far and the direction that am patching my life into.j26_8376

Life has a way of questioning itself and answering us back though  not immediately but spanned out over the years am not talking of the negated thoughts of doom, let’s say more philosophical if there’s such a word. Taking responsibility of my choices and its repercussions and how it has changed my life both for a better me while at the same time most times some of the choices don’t yield good.j26_8855

Make memories that when you look back with nostalgia youll smile with such fondness that brings warmth to your entire existence.I look back at times instead of regreating I laugh at mysleft with a “what exactly was I thinking?”.j26_8808

All in all I have seen better days out of grief, sad moments, worst situation , happy moments, special moments just name it all at the same time I have made awesome and amazing memories that will always be part of my journey in just all dimensions. The energy I keep directing towards my journey is with such tender love and surprises .


Silence and taking time off is always my recharge mode time at the same time my birthday is just around the corner am excited so excited that it makes me happy in an awesome igniting way Happy Dance 😀  😀 😀


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Be Confident  Be You 😘


Miss Flônt It.


“There are years that ask and years that answer”. – Zora Neale Hurston.