If I could then I would I`ll go wherever my amazing thoughts always think, if wishes were to be a reality, 2016 had to be  one of the most unpredictable year that I have ever had though with lots of hope, aspiration and dreams.

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Like always January always takes toll on almost everyone and for me this wasn’t any different, but one thing actually that kept me going was the thought of graduation yes finally the year that I finally took a step notch higher. It came to pass and that feeling I kid you not is empowering and makes you push even for more .Start and head to the finish line enjoy the journey that education takes you through

(C) Silver Klique Studio

A year where I became a year older, reminds me am getting old..oh wait nah am getting better like palm wine. I realized that every age is beautiful with its uniqueness that has to be celebrated every juncture.screenshot_2016-05-19-19-33-16.png

A year when for the first time I celebrated Valentines differently, thanks to Samsung Kenya love truly is a beautiful thing but should be mutual. Be with someone who is so interested in your dreams and helps you achieve them bringing out the best in each other. Love should be beautiful. Incase you missed the link head over here samsung Gear S2 Classic – A Time to Love .

When it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life.

People will be really quick to forget everything good you ever did, and crucify you for the one single time you make an unintended mistake but once you own it up and take full responsibility forgive yourself. If it still is a bother to them let them go cut off.wp-image-1702950875jpeg.jpeg

Take a chance and just go for it, if your gut keeps telling you it’s time to move on from that one thing that has been crippling you after a while MOVE. After working one place for close to six years, two years before my last days I started feeling a sense of dissatisfaction with an intense feeling of theres much better days ahead for me . I changed my routine I gave more and more just to  ensure it wasn’t I who was slacking. But that just didn’t cut it for me. One day I called it off, independent of what was going on outside inside my whole being I  felt it was time to move on.

Be bold and courageous about your dreams even if it means not being in good terms with some people do so, it will pay itself back. Taking that stride to do so body building Bikini has been awesome this year I learnt a great deal and am thankful my body is taking a change that I love every single day. I can confidently say am in a better place with my body and every inch of it, no matter how you strip me naked and shame this body we ain’t going anywhere we are here to stay and most defiantly concur and spread contagious confidence.

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People are like season once there season is over in your life let them go, it’s rare to find those seasons that last a lifetime . There are seasons that will defiantly stay put and choose you over and over through the ups and downs and bring out the best in you this one keep them by your side. Be kind to yourself and people that you meet thats one life lesson I have learnt over time but do not be walked on.Every good deed done in good faith is always paid forward. I have learnt not to force anything let it flow, that is from people, to things to stuff just about anything. Life is beautiful that way and am thankful for those who are still in my life.

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Believe, believe so much till it hurts, have so much faith and trust even when things are going absolutely haywire. Cry if you have to, scream all you can but get up and keep going. Hold onto your inner strength and when a close person offers a shoulder to lean on walk together for they have extended their trust to you. Mostly it happens also in good times, this person who believes so much in you keep going it will pay off in due time in due season fall 99 times rise 100.

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Wishing You all a Frutful 2017, Shine on.

Be Confident  Be You 😘


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Love your journey independent  of everyone around you, be your own number one fun be kind to yourself .

Miss Flônt It.