_ed04524Disappointments and rejections are one of those things and feelings that so many people would rather avoid by all means than go through it. It is one of those stuff that you don’t even want to talk about it as the hurt which can’t be clearly be described comes into play.

It’s a good thing that at times it happens unexpected  which takes months years decades to get over it (depends)  but many times it can also happen when we keep on ignoring, assuming and expecting far much beyond than the normal._ed04528

After many disappointments and rejection I have learnt to always channel the positive energy back to myself even when it hurts too much and most time I simply don’t quite get it. You apply for that job and many others but you don’t get any single interview call, you go for a zillion auditions and no single call back, you chase after this girl that you like and she doesn’t like you back, you show interest in a certain guy but he’s in a different world himself its life._ed04527

Accept and move on, it’s simple in words but your action will really need your whole self to actualize it one day at a time and make the necessary changes to elevate yourself to a more favourable position that works in your favour. You need to improve your skill to get that job or audition do it, change your approach that will actually increase the odds in your favour._ed04530

Disappointments are indeed a painful experience mostly when they keep on recurring but that shouldn’t make you sink in self pity, regret, anger, despair or losing hope. I have learnt to accept and make room for seasons , when one season is over I let it be reinvent myself and prepare for a new one or sometimes I stock up for a different. Not every day will it rain or snow or be sunny, take every season in stride._ed04523

If you look closely and deeply within you, all answers will come in place and life puzzle will just fit in due season and time things will brighten up. Start living don’t wait keep living and doing the things that makes you YOU._ed04531

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