​Nothing gives me goosebumps like talking to people about confidence, but more so spreading it in any opportunity that comes my way.

In anything that you put your heart to do be courageous and kind,  first and foremost to yourself and give it forward it will always come back even without you knowing. 

I received nomination from every person that had been following my confidence journey. Their words of confidence and gratitude had to be the best gift anyone could get. 

When you surround yourself with alot of people who believe so much in you and the little deeds that you do,  the energy and synergy transcend the hardship of your journey. 

The Glamourshowcase Kenya came at a time when I was busy prepping for Ms Kakamega .I actually didn’t see myself winning it,  I didn’t see it coming. On the night before Ms Kakamega finals  we were all tired and sleep was the priority.

Despite being sleepy and tired for some reasons I couldn’t sleep properly,  I kept tossing and turning eventually I just woke up. It had to be the longest night ever.From Mumias to home wasn’t far but I couldn’t manage to go it broke my heart though I’ll definitely plan for that.

Okay back to what Glam Girl.. 😝🙌 talk yes.. Took my phone and sat on the bed, on turning my bundles on I get Charlotte text she’s the one who had nominated me plus had the highest likes on her post. 

In short we had won,  wait for it do black people blush and if so what color do we turn to?  😄. I must have jumped up and down for almost half an hour before settling down and checking glamours page for the news.Flash forward,  meet an amazing team who put all this together to make the shoot a success. I always feel humbled. 

Here is the team involved for the shoot today.

Make-up : Val -instagram @vashnadze

Styling: @acestyleconsultants

Photography: @buoart 

Dresses: @glamourshowcase

Shoes: @backyardshoes 

Hair: Hairattitude Miss Flônt It

Black choker and gold bangle set: @adeledejak

The rest of the jewelry: @fab_u_lushke

The Stylist had this to say”Maybe we can style you some time for one of your projects 😉”, plus Glamour showcase Kenya I honestly can’t wait

I should now take myself for dinner with Charlotte and catch up over dinner especially Boulogne  😂 oops it’s meant to be 😂😂😂 Bolognese 😉 am done 👋. 

Merry Christmas From Us All. 

Be Confident  Be You 😘


Miss Flônt It. 

“It took me a long time for me to believe in myself and now that I do, I’m going for everything they told me I wouldn’t achieve. It’s what keeps me going.”

Keoratile ngobeni