It’s just one of those unexplained moment you literally trip yourself with the many what if and what not and I should have thoughts. The unprepared thoughts that won’t add anything to what you’re just about to embark on your stage. Stage fright is real, even to someone like me its real, and a stage is not only the one artist, models or performers take on but you as a person life is your stage._ed04503

Stage fright and fear go hand in hand, they both walk and talk to each other many at times they win us over, a resounding yes full of disappointment later on with the “What  was I scared of” after the opportunity has passed on._ed04504

Everytime I take on just about anything I literally have to talk to the inner me to keep calm so as not to affect the outter me and at times it ends up badly. My worst stage fright I remember was during a presenting audience at the Kenya National  Theater back in 2011, i started off well untill something has came into mind and I went blank and i said nothing walked out._ed04505

That haunted for years with the so many what ifs, but I learnt one thing sometimes amidst all the fright all we just need to do and think is actually “Just do it factor” it doesnt matter how it goes . Concetrate in bringing your best on board._ed04507

Do I still get stage fright ? Yes countless times, a zillion times but I have learnt to master my own fears and my inner voice and talk it into believe and courage. Its been one step , one breath at a time towards believing even when no one claps back for you or encourgaes you. Create your inner own cheering squad youll fall in love with yourself every minute and upping your confidence one smile at a time. _ed04509

When you do it once and fail its not the end of it, keep doing it keep showing up in every stage of your life with full confidence courage and believe. You have to take risks we will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen – Anonymous.

There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that once unleashed can make any vision, dream or desire a reality – Anthony Robbins. What are you waiting for sitted over there get over your stage fright believe start to work on that thing that you have been postponing for such a long time and just do it._ed04515

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Be confident ,Be you ,  Flônt It.

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Guide your energy if you go to a situation with a negative thought you are destined to have a negative outcome – Anonymous.