Spreading confidence does not come easy neither is having confidence in your own self and your God given abilities. The first enemy and the greatest enemy of confidence is self doubt and the silence of murmurs that goes deep within. The so many voices that tells you from within “shut up don’t talk it just does not flow”. Self doubt plus surety from an outside party that you are just not good enough is the sure recipe of nil confidence._mg_6886

Having dunged myself out to a whole new level of confidence I can say of how much I see myself in the so many young and old souls that are not confident most especially young kids and the youth. Being not able to express yourself and your ideas becomes one of the most retrogressive challenges to date. We have so many talents that go unnoticed and unexpressed._mg_6931

Lack of confidence derails one’s ability to express themselves, speaking up becomes a nightmare most especially in front of people. When opportunity comes the best you can do is curl up and crumble inside this ain`t stage fright its fear that cripples your confidence.

Seeing both young and the old coming to life in this event and wanting to learn more was the best part of this event that went down at Butterfly Pavilion Mombasa. This event was aimed at raising awareness and funds towards building of schools not only for the kids now but the future too. The founder of the organisation and other participant beamed with excitement watching the kids dance. “ You managed to make the kids dance and be alive I could never have imagined them dance” This had to be the most fulfilling feeling ever spreading confidence._mg_7476_mg_7475_mg_7477

Breaking the stereotypes defying odds be confident. The best thing you can ever give a child is confidence and when they are able to look up to your confidence level and want the same in their lives becomes an amazing to not only to I but the generation that will come. Spread the confidence spread the love._mg_6885

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Location : Butterfly Pavileon.

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Be confident ,Be you ,  Flônt It.

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