“When she is told her skin is too dark; I do not hesitate to offer, that the sun loved her so much it kissed her more than the rest of us”.¬ Undocumedia._ed04344

For days I have been researching and reading over the internet on bleaching, melanin, dark skin and everything to do with the whitening industry and I cringed like seriously  how does bleaching one  own skin restore confidence ?  It `s too sad just the thought of when I look at the health effects brought tears on my eyes its heart wrecking to see many people bleaching and being so proud to talking about it._ed04353

I do not believe in the possibility of fixing your outside and expect the inside to remain the same. Beauty is an inside out kind of thing, for instance when you begin to eat healthy and exercise the first change you will see is your skin, when you do not take care of your body the same skin still gives you the sign all is not well in the inside. When you bleach out your melanin, you still haven’t dealt with the real interior issue within you._ed04372

Who taught you to hate your beautiful melanin? I come from the part of this country where we are known to be so full of melanin you can actually make cocoa drink from us, full of deeply enriched cocoa, melanin enriched and am proud of it. My grandmother is the most beautiful dark skinned women that I know did I mention my aunt, whoa  I find constantly standing next to her just to see whether some melanin glow would be transferred to my skin to make mine even darker._ed04360

The magic in melanin is one of an endless story of strength, beauty and love such that there is no shame in melanin. You gotta love how melanin sparkles in darkness, in light, in rainy or dull days, my whole opinion that does not mean that all the other natural shades of skin are less beautiful no, we all can shine in our different shades and still stand out._ed04354

Trouble comes when dark skin is shamed and made to look ugly and unpleasant which should never be the case and when the numbers in bleaching increase it reinforces that dark skin is indeed ugly. Just let yourself be, in your skin is a beautiful place to me with love and acceptance embrace the colour that you have for that’s what God saw best to give you, after creating you He looked and saw you were beautiful.

Slay your melanin.


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Be confident ,Be you ,  Flônt It.

Yours truly


Miss Flônt It 😘😘😘😘😘

“You will die a thousand times before you wake up feeling alive in your own skin. You will love all of the wrong hearts before you realize the strength in your own”.¬ Doctor Asky.