Persistence and consistence  is key and so is starting all over afresh a turn around. Fear is a temporary factor that lasts a lifetime if left unchecked. Its either you rise above it and fly or stick with it and sink. Deep within you is more strength than you ever known – Anonymous.  It’s the strength that causes the confusion and fear._ED04277.JPG

Sometimes it’s not all about the winning, being top or being the first , sometimes it’s all about the journey within yourself and all that is adding to you as a person. Winning has no meaning if all momentum is just being at the top. It has to be of value addition to you as a person and the replications of the same on others. Goals, in order to finish at the top you must start from the bottom and consistently doing what you do best without being tired even when the top is as far as you can imagine._ED04277.JPG

Preparing for Mr and Ms Kenya Bikini has not been easy most especially the last two months after Mr and Ms Nairobi, so many changes took place in my life at some point I almost quit. To be honest the ups, downs and changes were exhausting and overwhelming.  Training and keeping my diet in change had to be the most overbearing task, concentration was completely on zero mode .My sleep pattern was not spared either insomnia lasted closely to more than two weeks which felt like depression I just had to get my thoughts in check._ED04284.JPG

Such path was not my own to walk, talking to just not someone really helps a lot they actually don’t make the decision for you but they walk through it with you that’s how you extend trust and confidence you fill in someone when there’s a deficit and an over plus on the other end.  You could be blessed with more than one support system which indeed is a blessing. All is well no need to panic, God bless their souls *wink wink to them.._ED04273.JPG

So did I prep, ohh yes with every fibre of mine though last minute but I attained a notable portion of myself  the hustle, sourcing for a new contact lenses had to settle for clear ones though been told it has shades of blue don’t know how it will look on me. Hair wise, lets say weave it * stares into an empty space. Guess what new shoes in check am in love so in love with them this time all is being totally done differently unexpected though. Taking it a step further and do my own make up wish me all the best, eye brows still not my strong point its gonna be exciting. Showing up is what I do best even when I don’t feel like so or ready to do so._ED04311.JPG

Consistency has been like my shadow you never know when the gold or diamond may strike. Winning sometimes is not everything; keep pushing the boundaries defining moments never happen overnight. Its a continuous process of trying, falling, trying losing, trying and losing hope and trying again and again and again till your defining moment shows up and that would be your best win for life may you fall 99 and stand 100._ED04293.JPG

Keep pushing, keep going you just never know who is watching, who is following, who is getting inspired, whose attention you strike by your consistency. You can’t afford to give up on 99….. Much appreciation to all my support system,  my trainer and friend Emma , Team December *winks and just every bit of my fans out there who follow religiously even without letting me know._ED04272.JPG

PS: Buy your tickets see you on 29th October at National Museum Louis Leakey auditorium, join me and let’s make history together. Don’t forget to come say  Hello  will you!! I don’t bite.. 😀 :D.

Special shout out to Alvin Le style and Michuki Nduati , check the out on  Team Ripped International for the Guys..For ladies Follow keenly my two amazing women and sisters from another mother Nikky Nagwala Nikky epic Shredd and Brenda Midamba Couch Health and Fitness

” Consistency is rewarded over time keep doing what you do and keep getting better”, Julian Kyula – Stories Of Courage.

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Be confident ,Be you ,  Flônt It.

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“ If you`re not brave enough no one will back you up”,  Infinix Hot 4 Quotes.