Do you give your dreams the same energy you give your fears?

This question will stir you into motion towards your dreams; its possible let no one tell you how impossible it is least of all your inner self.  The energy we gave fear is so intense and great that it actually cripples our entire system just by the thought. With this in mind  I just yielded more ground and I thought to myself, “I simply can’t just be afraid”. If you wait for the right time, it will never come; you just have to simply start._mg_5444

Yours truly  recently graduated , someone somewhere would be like “so”?? It’s not an achievement per say we have many people who have graduated! Personally I feel overwhelmed with emotions and the flashback of all this hard work, sacrifices and the struggle all looks like am still in a dream which I’ll be bound to wake up._mg_5466

The journey of self improvement came as a challenge having so much free time in my hands after work; at first theoretically it looked all easy with manageable work time.But later on  it proved to be one of the so many tests during my degree course with so many unimaginable tests throwing itself on my path._mg_5472

Balancing a 8-10 hour shift  job is not a walk in the path, add school 4hours, add sleeping time 8 hours a day as recommend,  hours to see your friends , hours to do your assignment, do your additional work homework , update the blog, go for photo shoot, network , update your social medias whooaaaaaaaa!!!!!! its overwhelming. Asides from that every bit came with its pressure and needed attention from within and without._mg_5455

As every semester went by so did so many changes in my personal life took place, two bad break ups which literally brought me to my knees shaking every  the core of my life . At work more responsibility which meant much more of my attention was needful, that I did with so much passion and zeal even when it got hard and harder. My consolation was my amazing colleagues whom I inspired and they equally inspired my passion to be of service and to leave a change in character. The guests some of whom are my ardent followers and fan, that humbled me every time._mg_5428

As my audience grew fear got the better of me, at a certain point I almost bolted out, but then confidence kept on challenging me to keep on going. One particular time I remember clearly I deferred by word of mouth, I didn’t do my end of semester exams finances were not in place. I zombied at work wondering how can I just start and get stuck halfway, how will it be then time never comes back it goes just like that. Just the thought of getting stuck broke my entire system into a zillion pieces. I took a risk, a major risk that am still paying for dearly but that doesn’t matter as I can finally say Resilience yielded  I did it.

I was not the only one excited for my graduation, my parents were overjoyed, the people who have seen my tears, stress and broken moments were overwhelmed with excitement and happiness more than I could have imagined._mg_5365

It’s the beginning of more achievement to come which am more than excited to embark on this journey. Mine is a path that I have dedicated to spreading confidence through the so many capacity that I will be capable of.

Never give up, be resilient it will finally yield in its due time.

Graduation Gown  :Moi University, School of Humar Resource, BSc Communication and Public Relations.

Graduation Dress: Jacinta Omwa.

Make -up : Models Own

Hairattitude: Miss Confidence .

Location : Moi University Main Campus Eldoret.

(C) Amazing Upcoming Photographer Moi university main campus, PS will get contacts and edit here :).

Be confident ,Be you ,  Flônt It.

Yours truly


Miss Flônt It 😘😘😘😘😘

“I am so proud of my tremendous growth, God has been amazing He makes me glow”, Miss Flônt It.