Nothing awesome came at once, it took time and a great deal amout of time, patience and waiting though while you work towards it.There is neither short cut nor quick fix to a great body and is there really an ideal great body?? No your body can just be great with you in it and loving it. You must be ready to work for it and sweat. Not everybody is the same some like I was blessed with good genes exercise makes it even better. We must not look down on our local food in our pursuit of a great body, in fact my whole meal the African way is what has made my body look the way it is.


No pills, no supplements just local food available the African meals. When it comes to food , I kid you not I eat , their is no games I play with my food.Enjoy your talent, gift or simply any muse that makes you come alive. Personally am a dance addict I could dance till I remember, music and dance sets me in another world where we become one literally you should watch me dance!!.

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Upcoming Photographer Bonnie wekesa He is super amzing and talented we will be working together as I mentor him .

Love your body treat your body accept your body with its perfect imperfection . I have learnt it all through one step at a time we all have different bodies the minute we accept that and let it sink we can be in a better position to work with what works in sync with our own bodies towards our body goals.img_9726

You simply cannot and do not compare your body   to mine. You can appreciate but don’t vilify your own body. It will give back to you what you give in full measure, give love in the right ways it will give it back. In our all different perfect imprefection we can be beautiful .

You want to see changes in yourself start working on yourself once you see changes you will never look back. Do not be scared of the talks and the castigations honestly i have received alot more than I had even thought . The negative energy should not stop you from pursuing your fitness journey and still remain to be confident about it.

Upcoming Model that  I am super proud of mentoring her, her confidence and passion is quit a huge ball of immense talent and beauty.

Through the journey challenges will be there, face them head on most importantly DO NOT QUIT!!! Be confidently Fit, love your body , fall in love with your own progress and appreciate others encourage others.

When they told be not to gain too much muscles I will look like I must am like where!!! Confidently Fit!!img_7622


PS: Join my Fiti Sana Yo-Yo dance classes for 200/= a session, authetic African dance be fit have fun….

Training  Workout and Nutrition courtesy of FITI SANA Join today😉.

Fitness Wear  : Models Own

Make -up : Khadija

Hairattitude: Miss Confidence .

Location : Fiti Sana Gymnasium

Be confident ,Be you ,  Flônt It.

Yours truly


Miss Flônt It 😘😘😘😘😘