Back dated to 30th July 2016, Mr and Ms Nairobi 2016 organised by The Kenya Bodybuilding Federation ( KBBF) . Chilly Saturday morning I almost changed my mind in the wee early morning , how would we strut in bikini with this unforgiving cold!! Sleep was not an option a nerve wrecking tooth ache had ensured that I only slept for two to three hours before the pain exploded. My whole face was swollen and this was just not a good picture to even stare, warm water came to the rescue plus my morning warm up session.


I arrived just in time for our regisration , truth is I tensed, stage fright creeped in and most of all the cold was just torturing me.How do we really again get on stage with bikinis please lets postphone this or we get on stage each with a cup of tea and thermos, I could hear my mini voice talk. All this emotion in one picture , that aside excitement seeing and meeting other athletes for the first time others second time 😀 .Being me I  just was everywhere my own way of chasing the cold and the cold feet I must admit again.


Its crucial for an athlete to warm up prior to being on stage , this prooved to be harder than I had thought, I did my normal push ups, crunches just to mention but I wasnt feeling the IT factor. I finally pulled out of the crowd and everyone I went to an open field head set on and music full blast. That was heavenly you all know by now how much I love dancing, am an addict full blown . That dance , was trick to kicking my cold feet away.


Everybody on stage was amazing and absolutely stunning and to top it all confident that was an all time winning spree for each one of them. I felt in my own space and immediately got lost in it. The audience had a ball a few poses from the competition, the guys were all on there feet when the judges mentioned back pose, the hall almost went haywire 😀 :D. Guys and bum .An hour almost on the crowd most entertaining part, Back pose , Goodness the back I loved it!!


The night was capped with a winner, Me nooooooo!! RThe prestigious title after prolonged back poses hehehe!!! Ms Nairobi Bikini 2016 went to Mikhala Baraza tag number 39 and Yours truly came second tag number 70. We did have fun on that stage.A toast to each and every lady I shared this stage with we all are winners confidently beautiful.How did confidence meet fitness ?? Facing your fears  slay with fiarceness. I sthere a next time.. Most definately lets spread the confidence everywhere defy all stereotype and odds.You too can choose to begin now confidence is beautiful, confidently beautiful. Lests journey together.*Wink wink.


If you have no confidence in yourself you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence you have won even before you started. UP UP UP you mighty race you can accomplish what you will.


After the competition, I defitenly was treated to chicken and loads of chicken and Chips I know right I desered it!!!

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Bikini : Fiti Sana

Make -up : Linda Namasaka

Hairattitude: Crocheted Braids Done in Mtwapa.

Ombre Nails  Naomi Wanja 😘😘😘

Location : Utali College Auditorium, Thika Rd Nairobi.

Be confident ,Be you ,  Flônt It.

Yours truly


Miss Flônt It 😘😘😘😘😘