A few days ago I got an opportunity to work with a creative force that edged me out of my seat. Gave me a new perspective into more of what I’ve decided to submerge myself into. You see the kind of fright and fear that had been building up over the days. Five days to D- Day.

His choreography is brilliant and epic I must say He gave me that IT that had been tucked all away building the ambience for a first time meeting up and shoot, wow impeccable professionalism on another level.I got an opportunity to learn and encourage myself to aim higher and guess what the support is overwhelming. Getting ready like ;););).

Mr and Ms Nairobi, my Debut on a stage having actually this time round worked my ass off thanks to my official sponsor FITI SANA ‘ The people’s Gym ‘. I must admit it’s not easy at all. I salute each and every athlete whose passion, zeal and dedication keeps the spirit. Not forgetting their personal instructors. Nutritionist and fans supports from every corner of this great country and abroad.

At one point I almost edged out  , days to the competition flu knocked me down Took my balance off  but all is well now.Learning how to balance work, work out sessions and my free time was one crazy part but I managed with each of them as all were very important to me.

The gains , oh my the gains has been emotional & physically overwhelming am loving the changes that my body had transformed .I feel super whole right now with my health being on a higher pedestal compared to a few months before.

TBT February 2016 © PichAfric.

Workout + dancing my favorite muse had given my life the much needed balance and stress reliever .I feel much at home, at ease I can proudly say Let’s do this if you wanna be a better person get off the chair and work your ass off you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.You were meant to be better than you are. Confidence has graduated to a whole new level let’s journey together.

Book your front seat mark your calendar 30th July 2016.

” Kula Kwa macho bila tatizo  😂 😂”. 

PS : To all my fans thank you for the love I read all the inbox , texts calls Whassups  , IG. Twitter Facebook YouTube LinkedIn name it all .I adore you all 😘😘

Mr  and Ms Nairobi 2016, come cheer your girl Bikini category.💪💪💪

Wardrobe  Make up & Shoes : Models own.
Location :Plaza Beach Hotel Mombasa.

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Training  Workout and Nutrition courtesy of FITI SANA Join today ;).

Be confident ,Be you ,  Flônt It.

Yours truly 


Miss Flônt It 😘😘😘😘😘

You can have results and excuses but you can’t have both 

Arnold S.