Life offers different phase in our lives, the good, the bad, the ugly ,the unseen and unfelt but in every stage it leaves a mark , a scar never to be forgotten and if you choose, you either become  better or bitter.

©Gash Studio 2012.

Color Blocking Competition, 3rd Place.

Wardrobe Shoes and Makeup : Models Own.

On a span of five years , I can say life has given its shares of lessons and am striving to be better every single moment. First time I took it upon myself challenged, the gut in me went and participated in Color Blocking Competition, I came third. Can you believe  that I did my own Make up  😍😍😍😍 and the way I was so green in that area.

©Mafumbo Photography.

Location: School of the Nation Pool.

This had to be my toughest moment as per accepting my body just as it was. Shopping for the Bikini in Nairobi and I actually made a friend out of that, Tetsy Perez one amazing soul.For the Make Up I can’t remember her name but she did an awesome job on my face , first time with such make up on. Not forgetting I had for the first time my lenses clear ones on.

©Kash Photography 2013.

Nyali Private Beach, Makeup & Wardrobe : Models Own.

Having relocated to Mombasa it took alot to actually settle and decide to take the spin on life head on.Moments when I actually doubted so much in myself and the fact that I couldn’t hold my thoughts together to be able to pin this blog all together.  So much went down almost taking a toll on my health.

©Mwalumah Photography 2013 Nyali Private Beach .

Wardrobe & Shoes : Models Own.

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At this juncture,I just had to pause .Pause and take a breather. I just couldn’t just allow life to happen I had to take part in my own life.”Carry a heart that never hates, carry a smile that never fades, Carry a touch that never hurts,” -Curious .com . Just never quit, do better become better.

©Lenses Photography 2015.

Wardrobe & Make up : Models Own.

Pwani Celebrity Nominations Award. At Bliss Hotel, Mombasa.

” Your soul is always whisper your truth right back at you. Your soul wants what is best for you and if you try to silence it’s voice , eventually it will become a roar”,- Anonymous.

It’s feels good to actualize your inner being, even when negatives flow your way strive to do better listen to your inner truths whether you ran , hide or simply ignore The Roar from your silence will not cease until you do better to become better.Rise above  stay confidently beautiful.

Be Confident , Be You , Flônt It.

Your Truly 

Love Miss Flônt It.

Just be yourself ,let people see the real, imperfect ,flawed, quirky ,weird , beautiful,magical person that you are. Mandy Hale.