” Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction , break the habit and talk about your joys”, Pita Schiano. 

Just a quick question what is the one thing if given a chance about your body you can change? Am pretty sure the answers would flood in like Pap!!! Just a snap of your finger.

We all have our insecurities about our own bodies , our own self just not in the same way. Each to their own theirs that one thing that isn’t right in our body.

Panning in back to back 2013, I wasn’t skinny neither was I huge just in between I must say. I would have changed so much in myself until I realised theirs so much in me that needs to be released and let loose, let it free liberate my inner awesomeness:):):):):).

Each human soul has an awesome awesome tonnage of so much to offer if the would just accept who they are and just release it. Enjoy the journey looking back at everything with a greatful heart. 

Did I say how humbling and thankful looking back at all this makes me feel :D:D, confidence all the way.

Talk about your joys , talk about that feature in you that makes you shiver with excitement that time o hope and happiness. Let each and every fibre of you feel , know it , walk it then spread it to every soul.

It’s unfair to put limit on yourself. You really need to feel your inner awesome amd beauty from your innermost being . It’s always there no matter what this world tells you. Feel it, breath it , walk it head held high. ” The person who is going to give you everything is yourself, you can as well as just start”, Anonymous .

© Mwaluma Photography 2013.

Wardrobe & Shoes  : Models Own

Make up Artist : Bernice Njoki.

Location : Nyali Private Beach.
Yours Truly.

Love 😘😘😘😘.
Miss Flônt It.

Love yourself for no reason, no one deserves it more than YOU.