You`d look more beautiful without glasses, quipped one guy. You look different without glasses said another person.I like you more in glasses, Why don`t you wear glasses all through. Are you really blind, can you see me.
And many other questions that goes on and on and on concerning my glasses and I.
To begin with , am visually impaired which means I rely on eye wear in order to have a clear normal vision therefore am either on glasses or contact lenses but when i sleep, I do without both * Chuckles a bit* My eye sight is a tiny bit not in focus….

IMG-20160207-WA0022.jpgMy journey with glasses has been one of denial for many many years, I have had eye problem since I was young but you know how it goes ” eat more carrots and stay far away from TV it will get better”, totally wrong. Not until high school form two to be sure did my love hate relationship begin with glasses. I hated every moment of it, even more weard when people with no eye problem find it fun to wear glasses its hectic.


Funny enough , and this is the truth I used to think that the street lights and advert lights at night looked cool when flurry and flickering not until I wore glasses and I was like wow why is the light all perfect and in one glow.Still this knowledge didn’t make me appreciate & accept my glasses.

IMG-20160207-WA0017.jpgI would wear glasses on and off until one day my glasses broke.We went to optica with my dad that was three months later , you know how parents would want the best for their kids yep.
The optician gave me strict instructions to always have my eye wear on otherwise without I would be straining and damaging my eyes all together. I was given contact lenses for two weeks as I awaited my glasses, my eye number is high don`t even ask.

Even at this juncture I didn’t accept glasses as part of me, not until when I didn’t have them and I really needed them for my screen test in media school for news anchoring.
The day I was not able to read from the teleprompter as I twitched my eyes struggling to read through, I failed my test.That incident really broke me down.


I would always take my glasses off when I took photos back then , I thought glasses and ugly meant the same thing. I would never be caught dead in any photo with my glasses on, that aside I would always cringe at the thought of photos. Without the glasses since my vision wasn’t clear at least I would not see any judgmental glances and thoughts from others. Fast forward to now, my most beautiful feature I find is my eyes I have learnt and grown to accept my eye wear as part of my life. I have learnt to make it work for me both glasses and contact lenses.My fear for contact lenses is a thing of the past while my love for glasses has grown and taken to a steady closed relationship. IMG-20160207-WA0028.jpgI would just wish people would stop pulling my glasses off just to know how blind I am; stop that or when they show me 2-3 fingers if I can see them.

To every person who wears glasses and contact lenses due to medical reasons embrace your eyes just the way you are, beautiful you are in them.

The eyes are the window to your soul fall in love with them, it will open you up to more of your inner beauty and understanding.
You will come to realize that indeed you are beautiful just the way you are with every bit of glasses, hearing aid clutches braces name it all. PS: I have new glasses the ones on this pictures broke, I called them My first eye love I got new vavoom Glasses on *Winks*

I have very poor eyesight, and I can’t imagine a world without my glasses or contacts. Ellen Hollman

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