It took a lot to start, I remember being super scared and full of anxiety when I actually started first with the Facebook page.I had gotten tired of giving ideas to others while personally I was doing the exact opposite, I felt I was doing more talk and less action. Fear was louder and Louder each surpassing moment. I was not sure if this is what I wanted, and If this is what I would actually do. Plus I was not ready to expose myself to anyone I just wasn’t ready.I went dormant each day opening up and going dry on what to say and do on the blog.

“Everything we want is on the other side of fear”, Jack Canfield.


I had to face fear, on a daily basis as I went on a journey to not only transform myself but any person who came in contact with me, positively and confidently.


And that journey went on a daily basis with new challenges new experiences new fear just a whole load of a roller-coaster.This journey took me to work with so many people , different personality from all walks of life and I appreciated working with all different rounded souls it was amazing.


I have learnt a lot & each passing moment I grew, growth is an everyday challenge and a full time job. You need to demand growth from yourself even if its 0.001% it transforms the self.Their are days I didn’t match up to my own expectations I would be super angry & beat myself up. Get this its perfectly okay to be disappointed  with the self, just don`t mope forever about it neither make it an excuse , just do better.


I learnt so did I grow personally and my confidence went higher. I have to beat myself up, do better and to celebrate my every input whether big or small.


I am so proud of the tremendous growth personally, the blog ,followers and each and every person who has followed this journey.Its been amazing journey each and every day, I call it moments that last.


Face fear head on, and grow!

Is there something you have been meaning to start and you scared ? JUST START. Every thing will fall in place as you journey on.

“We need to create a culture that says START. Start Badly, Start Scrappy. Make mistakes , Fail Start again. But whatever you do , JUST START!” Wilkings Odinga Fadhili  Business Daily Top 40 Under 40 Men 2015

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