It takes a brave girl, to try after one too many excuses for too many times,
Don’t you just love Alicia Keys..
2016, starting on a great note. I can’t keep calm my birthday is also in a few weeks, February babies rock 😉 😉 birthday month full of love and cheer.
I can’t help but look back and smile, its been one Journey that I was too scared to embark on, looking at it now am super excited to share with you all.

Making peace with who I am and accepting this wholesome package called ME!
A brand new kind of ME, Called confidence and love it feels so amazing being yourself, who else could be you better than yourself.
I found peace in my own beauty knowing truly how I got no eye brows and am okay with it.
Knowing too well am short no matter how tall I would have loved to be, I can only accept my shortness its sexy in my own perfect world.
Remember the games we played when we were young and due to the excitement I lost my smile, due to the frontal dent on my dental formula but now I smile widely and laugh so hard because I found peace in who I am.

Miss Flônt It.Photographer of the Year 2015. ©Dan G Photography.




Have you seen the patches of chocolate on my skin, like a chameleon it plays within dark to brown to all shades of grey ,I love it just the way It is and that’s a part of me that I won’t change for all the money in the world.
The deep scar on my right leg, am in love with them, I should insure my awesome long legs like Jennifer Lopez .

The eyes have it, smiling to myself as I stare deeply into my own eyes, every day opens up new adventures.

Find peace in your own beauty. Model: Priscillah Ibalai. Shoes:Ella Marie Fashions. Dress:It’s a ginger Thing ❤❤😘😘😘.

New brand me so to speak,I don’t want to go home I feel like not enough people have seen my awesomeness.

The make over left me speechless and dazed..
Not many people have fallen in love with confidence, trend on confidence its a brand new kind of free.
Its up to you to choose , to accepting yourself , only YOU know how to rock YOURSELF best.
There’s no foolishness in defining your confidence, because its not about being accepted but being exceptional.

Teaming up with Dan G and Linda Namasaka brilliancy at its best I felt like a queen in cloud nine and now I don’t want to come down.

Miss Flônt It and Linda Namasaka. Setting the Trend… Namasaka Art.

Do epic shit
Your style ,Your Look ,Own It
Be confident, Be you, Flônt It.
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Miss Flônt It.