Dear Miss Flônt It,
If things go wrong don’t go with them.
Every time I stumble at the words I want to say , sometimes I come out too strong or too hard fighting away this feeling of love.
How could I tell you, that you mean the world to me when the things I hear about you make me doubt this love.
Am sorry for I doubt sometimes, I stumble and I take you for granted. We were to meet up for dinner yesterday but I was too busy doubting you and time passed us by.
Oh wait truth is I chickened out
It’s 2015 in a few days 2016 will be here and I can no longer hold this love in me without saying it as it is. I saw you today for the first time in years time stood still and we locked eyes.
Yours eyes, your eyes are a breath of heaven, the passion , love and relentless hope a midst the hurt and loss.

Your smile lights up the whole room, your personality stands out a midst a crowd superbly different ,authentic and unafraid to express your genius and wisdom.
The truth stood out for me, and the doubt diminished to a total sparkle of love , confidence and this mind boggling unrelenting want to know you just me and you.
Your triple dosage of confidence is something I want around me 24/7.
In the rain and in the sun, through all seasons of life I choose YOU.
“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire “, I recalled reading it somewhere as I remembered how you challenged me,you said for me to love you I need to want more than the physical aspect of love and to pursue it all unafraid .
To not only fall in love with your outer look but to look closely deeply into you to unravel the passion that lies in you.

To be confident enough to say it boldly unashamed.
I would fall madly,deeply in love with every bit of you and that thought scared me.
Like what would my friends say, and think after all the warnings, Like are you for real. The more I thought about it the more I found myself stealing glances at every opportunity just to see your smile and your eyes and be lost for eternity in that one gaze.
And just one moment I decided theirs nothing wrong in loving YOU, and here we are today just ME and YOU and am loving the opportunity that life has given me to spoil, love and see you grow into the awesome phenomenal being that you are now. Keep shining , keep the sparkle on, keep showing up.

Truly yours, with Love
Your style ,Your Look, Own It
Be confident, Be you
Miss Flônt it

Viola Davis BElieve. YOUrself.

” I would tell my younger self just be yourself who you are is enough.”

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