Make it your business to follow your dreams , no matter what never give up on yourself. Don`t give up on your dreams. No it`s, no buts. No maybes. You don`t want to look back and wonder What if?

What if you gave yourself a chance to try again and again no matter how many times you  screwed up or even failed.



Sometimes truth is I don`t always get my make up right, my ward robe  nor just everything when it comes to my appearance and I just don`t wake up feeling all pumped up with confidence.

Yes sometimes I walk out of the house with what just comes into my mind as my outfit, no make up just me. Those days when you feel drained and just want nothing but silence to to beat yourself down the whole time. What if you gave yourself a chance?

And their are times I dress up like really I take my time applying my eye shadow, lip gloss, lipstick just every tiny bit of everything that feels so good adding with a splash of my killer outfit just for me. Yes just for me no special occasion not meeting up with anyone no date just purely for me. It feels so amazing I walk around feeling like I won a trillion dollar slowly confidence boasts up.

And the same reflects on my dreams, feeling yourself a chance feels really amazing. If you can give someone else a chance even after creating a mess why not you? What if you gave yourself a chance?

The last person to give up on yourself is YOU. Confidence is not the absence of fear its the presence of fear and still being able to courageously go after yourself. Give yourself a chance, chase that dream work on it, breath it,walk it see it.


imageLive Life Loud ,Make it happen with every heart beat.

You have to bring IT, every single time. Because whatever you think you have or you`ve  achieved someone out there is achieving way more.

No excuse you have to give yourself a chance because you matter. Never forget you matter.

Be careful when you blindly follow the masses.. sometimes the M is silent.

Be authentic you.

Be confident, Be you, Flônt It

Miss Flônt It.

“Dear Self,give yourself a chance to see you as an exact mirror of the people you love and I promise you will discover the most amazing person of all : YOU.

On location : Kahamas Hotel Mombasa.
Bikini and Make up : Models own.
Photography © Picha Clear Films and Studio.