Am that sentimental chick, me lady I am. I literally hold on to anything that is of sentiment to me despite letting them go.It could be photos, music, perfumes, a hide out “me place”, or even an old rugged outfit that`s just too old for life yet i still keep it.Like a sky scrapper its hard to talk me out of my sentiments.

Its a journey that requires no effort to re live the moments a simple sentiment takes you right back at it.Travelling back in time to embrace that nostalgic feeling.Of late  I,have caught myself numerous times   staring deep into my own photos,most especially my eyes and smile 🙂 then all of a sudden i shyly look away.I love that sentimental vibe from myself to myself telling me “You Rock, sparkle it all out”.

Truth is I have never been a fun of my eyes and smile,its never made sense then now  its purely LOVE I see.When you’re not scared to face yourself nostalgia will always bring out the best in you.Smile more often to yourself, look more deeply within when you feel the journey has gone off key.Its all within you; Your purpose.Your style is all within your eyes and smile exude it, share it.

Today’s outfit is totally one of my most sentimental outfit,a cat suit that I bought and stuffed it underneath my ward drop for close to 4 years and now walaaaa it see the daylight.A sentimental design eyes on me.. * Smiles broadly

Be confident be you.


IMG_7465_1 (1)



Slay it  24/7 Confidence..

“I would tell my younger self just be yourself- who you are is good enough “,VIOLA DAVIS

First woman of Color to win the Emmy`s.

Photography: Ginger Photography
Make-up:  Priscillah Ibalai
Model:Priscillah Ibalai
Cat Suit:  Gift to Self  ❤❤❤
Earrings :Gifted For one day:)
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