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Before I continue on my sentimental path I just want to keep my nudge going and I stumbled on a blog and I found it worth sharing here.I have been feeling a little bit blue and out of course reading this words just reminded me just how much showing up no matter how I feel changes the whole course of the situation.

No matter how inadequate I feel,just showing up fills up the whole void.

No matter how you  feel,get up, dress up and show up..One step closer.


Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.

I spent 15 years working at nonprofit organizations. I have worked at large organizations (50+ on staff) and small ones (5 on staff). I have volunteered at countless others and I continue to do so today. I have seen nonprofits function in all types of environments with all types of goals.

And I have seen one common trait unite them all: a constant need for volunteers.

In fact, I have never worked at a charitable organization that wasn’t desperately in need of volunteers. There is so much good that needs to be accomplished in our world, but the resources (financial and human) are almost always lacking. At one company, we used to have a saying that went like this, “If you’re available, we have a need. No experience required.”

Sometimes, the only requirement is availability. And sometimes, the most important step is to just show up.

Six years ago, I began writing about minimalism on a blog calledBecoming Minimalist. It was free through WordPress and took only minutes to set-up (I have since upgraded to Bluehost).

At the time, I had no experience in minimalism, I had no experience blogging, and only a little experience writing. I only knew I wanted to own less and write about the journey.

What I lacked in experience and reputation and talent, I made up for by simply deciding to show up and get started—which reminds me of my experience at nonprofits: If you are available, we have a need.

I know there is a good you want to accomplish in this world (those who live for only personal gain have long since given up on this blog). There is a positive influence you desire to create, grow, or harness. That being the case, never underestimate the importance of just showing up.

  • Are you trying to declutter your home? Remove one large bag of stuff.
  • Are you working to build an organization that will accomplish good? Take the next step.
  • Are you hoping to have a positive impact in your community? Start by being present in it.
  • Do you dream of making a difference through your church, charity, or club? Offer to volunteer.
  • Do you desire to align your career with your passion? Start slowly.
  • Do you want to change the world? Become the change you desire to see.

Just become available. The experience will come. The talent will grow. And the opportunities will increase.

But first, you need to show up.

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Today`s blog all credit goes to Joshua Becker,the exact post can be found on the link below,Follow the link to subscribe and be daily inspired as i was. Just Show Up- Joshua Becker.

“80% Success is Just showing up”. Woody Allen.

You read the whole of this post and other post , Thank You for SHOWING UP.

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