How memories are made,how strength is enabled and how sweet thoughts are replayed in our minds and our present giving energy and synergy to out future all depends on the self.
History is a repetition of our self in different dimensions.
Post alert a blast from the past.
Pictures speaks volumes more than words can say.Fashion oozes the feeling that lasts,what you wear carries with you all through.
Fighting my fears and my demons in the self gave birth to confidence,self love and that actualization journey that grows deep everyday.
First day in a pool I almost fainted out of fear, fear of unknown.
The self could not imagine getting into that pool of water the high pitched scream that was belted the minute I was push into the water was just crazy 😀 😀 :D.
But the end result after the self realized “opps its just water,it aint that deep”, is amazing.
Secondly whispering literally I had never done a shoot in a bikini :(,it was really a Mt. Everest task getting out of the changing room I had to improvise a scarf the one around my waist just to be at peace abit :D.
I just was not okay with how I looked,its glamorous on TV but in reality its nerve wrecking.I almost wanted the earth to swallow me right there .Talk of mastering all the courage and putting all the nerves in place.
I think I should do a bikini shoot this year 🙂 in the beach right just to be sure if my fear is over :D.
Say hi five to my twin sister back in the days 🙂 The year is 2012 August.
Spread the love and don’t let the self get in the way keep growing keep becoming better.Spread the new language in town be confident be you.
Next time you think of beautiful things don’t forget to count yourself in.
In the words of Coco Chanel Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

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School of the Nations.
Photography: Mafumbo Photography
Make- up :I cant remember her name but she did an amazing job halla at me if you remember me 🙂
Model: Priscillah Ibalai
Bikini and scarf:With love Nairobi ❤❤❤
Scarf :Kangemi Massive.
Earrings:Gifted For self 🙂

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