Am excited with this journey, i don’t know where we going but am looking forward to great amazing, awesome snaps of the world within me and around me.
Life comes and goes within instants,of moments its gone before we know it.Everyone hopes for the best regardless of their situations .
Everyone wants it all big and fancy and great.No one wants to be the downtrodden,the one who doesn’t have it all,even if it means having the perfect fake picture all in smiles.
The perfect picture frame all fit in with smiles,our energies keeps us going and sometimes we lose touch of our self and touch with the world until we lose that wholesome essence it’s when reality calls us in.Life is a short trip everyone would like to live forever young and the future of not having to walk into unknown.We don’t have the power It would have been easy to know ”when” but that’s not possible .
My living young is when am able to walk down my memory lane in my mind and knowing that life is only lived once and once lived right once is enough.
Living life down the memory lane re envisioning our visions in clarity and serenity of our wants and dreams.
Actualizing our tiny small dreams in our minds into reality and living it every single day.
Every single day to pen something down has been a battle between my mind and my heart doing what i love the most as time never waited for me.
By the fact that am writing right now feels a whole much better and my thoughts floods in racing back and forth as my memories went back to years ago when i kept saying i will start to tomorrow my tomorrows never arrived until it came down to memories today,
Live life leaving great legendary memories in how you carry yourself influencing and changing the course of life of people around your world and yourself.This comes in how you dress and carry yourself,fashion is meant to be eternal and the exuberance that’s breathes in to your sense of style.
Am amazed daily by my memories down the lane I breath, live, sleep confidence and making it my personal business to make it happen.
Simple and edgy is what i chose on this day my normal everyday wear simple dress killer smile and over-role confidence perfecto 🙂 🙂 🙂
Am in love with the background 😀 😀 😀 and i just had to repeat the first photo at the end *wink* wink*
How you dress and how you carry yourself says a lot, fashion is meant to be eternal and exuberance that breathes in to your sense of style.
Enjoy your read comments suggestions are highly appreciated :).

(c) Soban Photography
Model: Priscilla Ibalai
Make up and Wardrobe :Models own
Location:Butterfly Pavilion Mombasa
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