IMG_5719[1](c) 2015 Soban Photography.

Postponing ,has been a daily chore so overwhelming it has been more than a daily routine.Waiting on what exactly one would would ask,waiting for the perfect moment and the perfect time  when i had it all.Jotting down this very sentences and threaded conversation that went through my brain was after a series of brainstorming between me , myself and I.Just looking for the right words and time.

The perfect clothes ,the shoes, my hair everything didn’t just seem perfect and right for me to just dive in.I was waiting of every bit of perfection my mid could piece together i just didn’t notice myself looking at the I and ME.My aha ! moment

Being beauty,that abnormal girl who wanted to conquer yet so scared of the flaws,the raw unedited version of self.Choking on ideas trying to validate them with an excuse at hand for not doping it.Taking a second glance at the image in the mirror opened my eyes to the stunning replica looking right deep into my eyes. I fell in love and that feeling is too amazing to with hold.

Looking deep into myself i awake having discovered my journey of self discovery it continues every single moment.Just like His grace which is new every morning every day.the hopeful,piercing eyes full of life glaring smile, ever-present and unmoved.Confidence has journeyed me to a space I never knew existed in me,self-love has opened my innermost dreams that scares the most out of my skin.Still underneath it all I love every minute of it ,Am in love with the rawness,the unedited version,the flawless pieces of beauty within  and inside me

That one step,a whole new journey welcome to my world,Be awesome Be epic Go forth and be a force of awesome.

Enjoy the pictures unedited, unscripted letting go and having fun




Priscillah Ibalai



Model:Priscillah Ibalai

Photographer: Soban Photography

Location: Butter Pavilion Mombasa

Clothes and Make up:Models own.

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With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts – Eleanor Roosevelt.

Flônt It Be confident Be you