Not everyday I wake up with the same love towards  myself,most but frequent I wake up feeling and wishing I  would be in another body that I  deem perfect for me.The loud voices of am starving myself getting louder everyday yet its my body and i know how it responds to the 1000 kilograms of food i stuff in my little tummy yet iI cant see it anywhere in my body.

That is  when i decided its time to reboot my mind and my body system,hehehe how do i do that i simply live me love me embrace me.If i wake up and feel like eating ice-cream all day yeah I do that because I want to not to fill in the calories shortage in my system.

Drinking a lot of water and living a positive confident me and that outlook will automatically be reflected both inwards and outwards of my skin.No one has the power to determine how I  feel towards myself,befriend yourself and change the outcome of how you feel about your body image.weight-stereotyping-square-w352